All Black All Year Long

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If your closet looks like a black pit (of greatness) then this is a must read. You’ve got to find a way to style black on black in the months of summer. (Yes, I’m still … Read More

Nashville Outfit Roundup

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I spent last weekend in Nashville for the Stella & Dot annual conference (more like a giant girls weekend…but call it what you want lol.) … Read More

Camo Pants + Flip Flops

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This post contains affiliate links. Channeling my inner Regina George with the legendary camo pants and flip flops combo lol. All jokes aside, I’ve been looking for the right pair of camo pants for a … Read More

My Healthier Coffee Orders

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Like many of you I’m sure, I really enjoy my coffee occasionally. I don’t drink it everyday and it’s not that serious for me (although I totally get those of you who need your daily … Read More

Top Travel Tips

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Lately I’ve been traveling like a ridiculous amount, so I’ve decided to put together a list of my top travel tips for you guys to check out and consider for your next adventure! On one … Read More

Vegas Baby!

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Vegas is always such a fun time, and doesn’t have to be as wild as the movies lol. (Although it definitely can be if you so choose haha!) We were just there for about a … Read More

We’re Moving!!! (Again!)

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As some of you may already know, we’re moving back to Utah! Woo! Naz and I are SO excited about our upcoming adventure!!! He will be back with the Utah organization for another season, and … Read More

Summer Wedding Outfit Inspo

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Wedding season is in full swing, and I feel like I’m always on the hunt for something to wear last minute. I should really work on planning ahead more. Well, I should really work on … Read More

4th Of July Styles

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The 4th of July always brings such a fun celebration! I grew up going to a huge block party by my grandparent’s house every year where the whole neighborhood would get together. There was a … Read More

Girls Trip – Dallas

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Some of my girlfriends from college and I are trying to keep a tradition alive and take a girls trip once a year – this year being Dallas! Kind of haha. Unfortunately, not everyone was … Read More

Home Sweet Home

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It feels so good to be back home in Iowa. I think everyone can relate to the comfort of being in your hometown, but Iowa is really something special. Especially when you bop around as … Read More

ILY Couture

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I do receive a fraction of the sales from the links below. Jeans | Shoes | Top | Bralette | Sunglasses | Bag I’m so excited to share with you guys that I’ve teamed up with … Read More

Check Mate

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Similar Top | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses | I Love that gingham is so in right now. I think it’s so summery and kinda reminds me of a picnic lol…am I alone?! … Read More

My Daily Skincare Routine

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I struggled with acne and scarring growing up, so finding a skincare routine that worked for me was such a relief. It took a few years of going to the dermatologist and trying endless different … Read More

Sundresses And Summer Styles

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Sundresses make the best summer outfits because they’re so comfy, so easy to pick out, and they keep you cool in the heat. It’s HOT here in Dallas already…like upper 80’s to mid 90’s every … Read More

Graphic Tees Galore

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I’m a big graphics gal and realized while writing this post that I didn’t bring very many with me to Texas. Naz made fun of me for writing a post about how much I like … Read More

I Got A Jeep!

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I’m officially a Jeep owner!!!!! I am so so so SO excited you guys! For graduation, my parents got me a new car! Obviously, I haven’t been able to pick it out yet with all … Read More

A Bit About Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there! Especially mine. She’s really the most incredible woman in the world. I know just about everyone thinks that about their own mom but mine is really … Read More

Hello Dallas

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DALLAS IT IS!!! It’s official!!!! We’re in Dallas for the summer! Woo! I am SO excited for this next adventure in our journey. Neither of us have ever lived anywhere this hot, so I think … Read More

Love For Leather

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Jacket | Bodysuit (Sold out – here’s a similar one!)| Jeans | Belt | Shoes (On sale!) | Sunglasses I’ve been obsessed with leather jackets for a while now and know it can be a struggle finding a … Read More

One Top, Countless Looks

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I know I sound like a broken record, but I Love clothes that can be worn multiple ways. I feel like I’m getting so much more out of one purchase when I can style it … Read More

Spring Stripes

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We’ve had some super nice weather here in Utah these last couple days, so it’s finally time to transition my wardrobe into Spring! Yay yay!! Let’s all just hope this weather is here to stay … Read More

I Moved To Utah!

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Holy smokes, I moved to Utah! Moving day was such a whirlwind. So many emotions and so many moving parts. My mom, dad, and sister were all able to drive with me to the airport … Read More

Must Have Spring Shoe Sales

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After all of the snow we’ve had, I am SO beyond ready for spring. And to think on Sunday I am headed to Salt Lake City, where there is even more snow…damn. Anyways, in spite … Read More

A Truthful Life Update

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I made a promise to myself when beginning this whole blogging thing that I would always be transparent. If I’m doing a sponsored post (which I haven’t yet) I want you to know. If I … Read More

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Let’s start out with a little background info. I grew up three hours from Chicago. I spent last summer in New York City. I’ve been to Dallas, LA, Miami, Vegas, etc. For an Iowa girl, … Read More