Wow guys, I’m blown away by the number of you who participated yesterday – thank you all so much! I now have an even longer list of coffee drinks to test out.

Perfect excuse for me to stop at Starbucks on my way to work this morning!

But first I have to share, our Day 2 winner is…

Megan Glaser!!!!!

Congratulations you will soon receive your brand new Yeti Coffee Mug! Can’t wait to twin with you! (:

As for tomorrow, I want to chat with you guys a bit about the most jolly, joyful time of the year.

I absolutely Love the holidays because people generally are much more cheerful and joyous than any given day of the year. It amazes me the affects that one such holiday can have on SO many people.

I wish we could all be this celebratory and happy all year long!

As soon as mid January arrives, we kinda turn into a bunch of grumps – myself included. It sucks trekking through the snow and shivering throughout winter, but it’s really pretty wonderful that we’re able to bundle up and sit by our fire places together.

Sometimes its much harder to see diamond in the rough than others, but I wish we would all try just a little harder sometimes. Lately, I’ve been trying really hard to focus on doing more things that bring me joy.

I’ve tried to implement things that I can do year round that bring me happiness! I am not just relying on the holiday cheer I’m surrounded with in December, I’m creating it for myself all the time!

This gift goes hand in hand with one of the joyous things I’ve begun in the last year. I’m hoping it’ll be a little reminder to one of you to focus on doing things that bring loads of happiness into your life!

To enter to win the Day 3 giveaway:

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Again, you’ve got until 11:59pm to enter! Goodluck (:


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