Ashley Parry

Product Manager in Davenport, IA.

One To One Messaging Header Image

One-To-One Text Solution

Evolve existing technology into a sales and customer support solution that allows users to send group messages and receive responses individually for one-to-one communication with their contacts. Include lead assignment, tags, groups, SMS/MMS capabilities, and link tracking.

Self Serve Header Image

Self-Serve Onboarding

Design a user flow that allows new clients to onboard through a self-serve platform. Collect all necessary information to automate set up, and provide instructions to eliminate the need for training and assistance.

Content Hub Customization Header Image

Content Hub Customization

Streamline and clarify the customization of the content hub. Organize settings so they’re more inviting, and create an experience that is fun and exciting for new clients, as this is one of the first features they will utilize after signing up.