I Love my pink teddy coat so very much, I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t! They’re so soft, cozy, and fun!! And mine is on major sale! Today I’m sharing some casual teddy coat styles to help you get the most out of your fuzzy jackets!

It’s pretty easy to throw it on when you’re dressed up for a night out, but styling it casually will help you get so much more use out of it! (And it’s actually even easier…and cozier!)

Above I have my teddy coat styled with a plain white v-neck, black distressed jeans, and sneakers (here is a similar pair.)

This is perfect for running errands, picking your kids up from school, going to class if you’re a student, etc.

Next up, I’ve style it with these jeans, this hoodie (mine is old, this is the updated version same brand), and these shoes. The coziest, warmest outfit for a cool winter day, and perfect for everyday wear! Plus this is a really great way to make a hoodie look a little more fashionable too!

Lastly, I’ve got these leggings, this striped tunic top, and these vans for one more casual look! I think this one might be my favorite!!

However that might be just because I’m obsessed with this tunic lol. If you haven’t ordered it yet you need to. I promise you will never want to take it off! (And it’s only $15! Also comes in black…I got both lol)

Okay so a little behind the scenes for ya… if you’re wondering why the first photos in this post are significantly nicer than the rest, it’s because I planned to shoot the second two early morning before work…

I got up, showered, got dressed and ready, only to quickly realize it was still dark outside at that time lol. So I had no choice but to shoot in my room where the lighting isn’t great.

Then Calli threw up and I had nothing to clean it with, which made me late, and on went my fiasco of a morning haha.

Lesson learned!!

But hey, ya know what, life happens and it’s okay for things to not go your way sometimes.

News flash, it happens to everyone!!!!

So let’s all try to be a little more forgiving of ourselves and others today, and keep it in the back of our heads that sometimes sh*t is just gonna hit the fan.

And that’s okay!

Alright one more quick thing! I’m looking for some feedback from you guys, so I’m asking that you pleeeeease answer these few questions for me. I really value what you guys want to see on here, so every bit of feedback helps me more than you’d imagine!

My email friends got a little early access on this so THANK YOU to those of you who have already answered!!! I’m very intrigued by the responses I’ve received so far! Thanks for your help and Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend guys!


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