I have to start out by saying THANK YOU all so much for participating in these giveaways. I’ve had a blast with them as you already know, since I’ve said it like 100 times. But I’m so grateful that you’ve all helped and supported me so much the last twelve days. (And the last year!)

This industry is very challenging and to say I’m grateful for each and every one of you for coming to my little corner of the internet is an understatement. I won’t get too mushy this morning, but know that I am so very thankful!

The winner of the LAST giveaway of this holiday season is…

Makenna Lorraine!!!!! (@kenna_c5)

Congratulations I am SO excited to have you featured on the blog!!! I’ll come over, help you pick out an outfit, and we will do a photoshoot. Then I’ll walk you through the whole process of what goes into each of my posts, and we will write a blog post together that will be all about our day!

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!

More exciting news, my last two groups of gift ideas are up on the holiday page as of last night! I still have a few more updates to add before the holidays pass, so stay tuned for that!

I also have a TON of awesome stuff to catch you guys up on – like my trip to NYC! Plus, I got a lot of really great ideas from you guys during the giveaways, so I have some highly requested posts coming up as well!

To close I want to share a quick story! This past weekend my mom and I were in the checkout line at Ulta that was wrapping around the store it was so long.

An older woman walked up to the back of the line behind the lady behind us. The older woman was complaining to no end about the line and the workers not helping (all the checkout lanes were in use there really wasn’t much they could do.) She set her stuff on a shelf and mentioned that she had a fracture in her spine and shouldn’t be standing. Her wrist hurt and she kept going on and on and on about her setbacks.

My initial thought for a second was like okay we know everyone hates to stand in line, we don’t need to hear all about it.

How rude of me!!! This poor lady was in pain and struggling to do something that seems like no big deal to so many of us.

By the time we got to the front of the line, she had shared with us that she was a recent widow. She shed a few tears talking about how difficult the holidays were for her being alone.

I could’ve cried listening to her I felt so awful.

We obviously let her in front of us to check out and everyone around helped get her items up to the counter. I still feel bad for having that initial thought, but I think that’s something so many of us are guilty of all the time. Myself included obviously!

This is just a reminder to all of you that we have no idea what everyone around us is dealing with at any given moment. Be nicer to people than you think you should and give a helping hand when you’re able.

This is your reminder to do something good today! For yourself, your spouse, your friend, a stranger, whoever! Raise lots of cheer this holiday season and BE NICE!


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