Sundresses make the best summer outfits because they’re so comfy, so easy to pick out, and they keep you cool in the heat.

It’s HOT here in Dallas already…like upper 80’s to mid 90’s every day with full sun!

Which makes for a perfect pool day. However, we can’t just waltz around town in a bikini when it comes time to do something productive haha.

That’s where the sundress comes into play.

Perfect for a casual look throughout the day and easy to dress up at night!

This Harper and Sky dress is one of my favorites! If you’re a regular reader you know I always complain about being cold when I go places, so the sleeves on this are perfect for me when I’m indoors!

The material is super light and breathable, so I didn’t even get warm shooting this in the 85 degree weather yesterday!

I styled it here with a hat and sandals for a casual everyday look. But you could very easily dress it up with some wedges and statement earrings for a night out!

I’m really loving jumpsuits right now too, and this one was a major bargain! I found it on a clearance rack in TJ Maxx a couple years ago and miraculously found these perfectly matching heels there that day as well! As fortunate as that was for me, I unfortunately don’t have direct links to these for you guys.

I found some similar jumpsuits here, here, and here. And similar shoes here, here, and here.

This romper is one of my greatest purchases ever!!! It’s super comfortable, never wrinkles, and is very inexpensive.

Unfortunately, it’s sold out so I searched a bit and found this one, this one, and this one that I really like too!

I’m wearing it here with wedges that I’ve had for years and have gotten so much use out of! Here are some that are similar and so cute!

Now for a little behind the scenes…here are a few photos that don’t usually make the cut for the post lol.

It was 85 degrees, sunny, and super humid during this shoot yesterday. If you saw my instagram stories you know I was dying haha!

This park is just a couple blocks away from our townhouse here in Dallas. So I packed all of my outfits and shoes in a backpack and Naz and I walked over to shoot.

It wasn’t so bad at first, but after we were out there for a while it became a bit of a struggle haha. I was fighting breaking a sweat, Naz was getting eaten alive by bugs, and I had to change outfits behind the bushes lol.

So while the pictures turned out pretty nice, heres how I really felt:

I had to hike my pant legs up all way so it looked like a romper and throw my hair up for the walk back.

Poor Naz had on my hat, camera around his neck, my sunglasses hanging from his shirt, and my full backpack on his back.

What a trooper lol.

Anyways, what are some of your favorite summer outfits? I’m always looking to expand my wardrobe haha.


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