Happy Holidays you guys!!! Like I said on my holiday page in my introduction to this little series, I am so excited to be able to do this giveaway and give back to you in thanks for supporting me! I am so thankful and grateful for each and every one of you for sticking with me throughout this journey. Writing and creating this content truly brings me so much joy!

I was just telling one of my friends the other day how this is my saving grace when it comes to “me” time. I was preaching to her about how important it is to always take care of yourself, whatever that means for you. She asked what I do for myself and I said this.

Using my creativity makes me happy, and I Love how I can use that creativity any way I choose here. And its FUN! I think we all take life a little to seriously sometimes, and I hope I can at least inspire one person to let their guard down a bit and branch out of their comfort zone.

Or maybe two people…because I force my sister to do that fairly frequently lol. She really Loves it, I promise 😉

Actually though, she recommended that I write about stepping out of your comfort zone. Usually when I’m pushing her to branch out its in terms of fashion. She and I are so very different.

I will wear whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, just because I want to. I tried for a long time growing up to please everybody, and I’m so thankful that I finally learned that’s never going to happen. So I choose to do what makes me happy.

Not to say that Kayla (my sister) doesn’t do things that make her happy – trust me she is certainly not afraid to say what she wants or how she feels lol. But she is much more reserved when it comes to her wardrobe in comparison to me. We come from an area where people don’t steer from the norm very often. For me, I think it took leaving and experiencing new places to find what I really like, not what everyone else liked for me.

I try to help her feel that same way and encourage her to try on things I know she would never buy otherwise. A lot of the time she actually Loves it, she just needed a little boost out of her comfort zone to give it a try.

So this is me trying to boost one of you too. Take a step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it be with your wardrobe, your hair, your make up, your social life. Whatever you choose, just do something that pushes you a little bit.

This first gift comes straight from my own closet, and I’m hoping it will give someone courage and poise to strut around with complete confidence. It’s something I have Loved dearly, but I’m parting ways to share the Love with one of you. Please take care of it and Love it as much as I have!

Okay as for the giveaway, here’s how things will work! Each day a blog post will go up at 7:00am CST that will share directions on how to enter to win that day’s giveaway. You will have until 11:59pm to enter. I will not be sharing what the prize is until after the giveaway closes and the winner is announced. Can’t spoil that person’s gift before they get it!! You can find the winner and prize announcement in the following morning’s post, along with the next day’s directions.

Heres an example schedule because I know that was hard to explain so it was probably hard to understand too lol:

Day 1: Today

7:00am – Blog post up with Day 1 entry instructions

11:59pm – Day 1 giveaway closes

Day 2: Tomorrow

7:00am – Blog post up with Day 2 entry instructions + Day 1 prize and winner announcement

11:59pm – Day 2 giveaway closes

So on and so forth…I hope that makes sense lol.

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Okay let’s get to it!!!!!


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Good luck and Happy Holidays from yours truly,


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