Home Sweet Home

It feels so good to be back home in Iowa.

I think everyone can relate to the comfort of being in your hometown, but Iowa is really something special.

Especially when you bop around as much as we do.

It’s so simple here.

Even getting off the airplane and walking through the airport in Des Moines felt good.

You know exactly what to expect.

Everyone around is so friendly.

And you know there’s a helping hand right around every corner.

It’s just not like that everywhere you go. Yes, obviously there are tons of nice people all over the place but nothing like Iowa.

I think maybe I’m just now really starting to understand and appreciate what Iowa Nice really means.

Anyways, it also feels good to drive on the interstate where there are two lanes as opposed to 5 or 6.

I’m not the worlds greatest driver to begin with lol.

Here’s a list of some things I’ve missed most about Iowa so all of you can take a second to really appreciate them too:

  1. Hy-Vee – no other grocery store compares, trust me
  2. Being around Cyclones – it’s like one big happy family in Ames
  3. Whitey’s – no explanation needed
  4. No honking cars – hardly any cars at all actually compared to Dallas lol
  5. Happy Joe’s Pizza – it just tastes like home to me I guess
  6. No traffic – again with the lack of cars on the road here haha
  7. People waving at you – in the car, on the street, in the store, everywhere!
  8. Cool evenings – in Dallas it doesn’t cool off until like 3:00am and by cool off I mean like 85 degrees if we’re lucky!
  9. Old friends – this is just a personal one I guess but it’s so nice to see people I grew up with
  10. Simplicity – to sum up all of the above haha

It may seem silly when you’re so used to being around these things, but its the little things you learn to appreciate when you’re gone I guess lol.

Naz and I have been home for a bit now for his camp, a wedding, and of course to spend time with the fam.

His camp was so great. I Love sitting back and really taking in how special the whole experience is for Naz. He Loves kids, the Cyclones, and basketball so much and to combine all of those together is like a dream for him.

I Love that he puts so much emphasis on the life skills that can be learned through basketball and makes it about so much more than just the sport all while working to better their skills as well of course.

After his camp, we went to dinner with all of the sponsors. Which was a blast as well I might add!

Then we went to Jack Trice for a football ticket auction event. It felt nice to stand down on that field again and we had so much fun there too!

The wedding we went to was absolutely gorgeous. It was one on my lifelong best friend’s older sister that got married and we all had such a blast! I Loved getting to catch up with and see so many people I haven’t seen in years.

Naz even danced to a little country music believe it or not lol. (I’d say don’t tell him I told you, but he reads every post sooo…sorry babe!)

Tonight is my last night in town so I’m off to enjoy some sushi and catch up with one of my best friends. Followed by enjoying some Whitey’s and seeing some more family of course.

I’ve got a super fun weekend ahead, so stay tuned for some exciting stuff soon! (Also, I’ll have a whole new array of goodies on my amazon page in the next few days so now’s your chance to grab anything you see on there right now! Join my email list below to get notified when the newbies are up!)



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  1. Hi Ashley, you are so right about there’s no place like home. So nice to travel around but it’s nice to come back where we have our roots planted. ….and of course nothing like family. You and Naz look so nice in the picture where you both are all dressed up for the wedding. I love the dress and shoes, so beautiful.

    How is Calli girl?? Soon she’ll think she’s a world traveler too with all the places she has been.

    Stay cool this weekend, it’s supposed to be very very hot and humid. Ugh!! Thank God for the AC. Until next blog, stay happy.

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      Thank you so much Miriam! We certainly Love coming home to family and normalcy haha

      Calli girl is excellent! She enjoys every bit of our adventures – she has met so many people, puppies, and soaked up TONS of love and treats lately haha She is one very smart girl, she has learned to sit, stay, shake with both paws, lay down, roll over, play dead, and hold her treats in her own paws until instructed to gobble them up! Lol We couldn’t possibly Love our sweet angel any more! I can’t imagine life without her, she makes us complete❤

  2. This blog was so wholesome! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there to catch up with you 😭 Nonetheless, you look aaaaaamazing in that dress! Love and miss you AP!

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      Thank you so much Bria!! I so wish I could’ve seen you, I feel like it’s been so long ): I hope law school is treating you well, I’m sure you’re excelling as always! Love and miss you tons!! Give Mel a smooch for me❤

  3. Couldn’t catch up while you were in Iowa but… see you in Dallas TOMORROW!!!! I’m so excited to see you and see what life in Dallas is like! Glad you enjoyed your week home ❤️

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