Let me just start this out by saying that all of your doggies are absolutely adorable. They brought many, many smiles to my face yesterday!

Thank you all for sharing your pups with me, I’m thinking we need to do that more often lol.

The winner of the Day 6 giveaway is…

Kayla McCall Kucera!!!!!

Congratulations I will be sending you a Starbucks gift card – I hope you think of the pups they’re helping each time you use it!

As much as I’ve Loved all the doggies, I think this next giveaway is my favorite so far, I’m SO excited!!

So let’s talk wine, shall we?

I’m usually a Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay girl, but lately I’ve been really into Pinot Noir.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t know much at all about wine other than I like to drink it.

Who’s with me?! I know there are plenty of you!! Lol

I think it’s actually so funny how many of us Love wine memes, and talk all the time about how much we Love wine…But none of us really know anything about it!

It comes from grapes, okay that’s about all I got!

Here are a few random facts I literally just googled for the next time you need to sound knowledgable:

  1. Wine glasses should be held by the stem, so that way the hand does not raise the temperature of the wine. The stem is for a reason! Learn it here.
  2. The average bottle of wine takes 600-800 grapes to make. Learn it here.
  3. Women get drunker on wine than men. Women have less enzymes in their stomach to metabolize wine. Learn it here.
  4. California, New York, and Florida lead the United States in wine consumption. Learn it here.
  5. A crop of newly planted grape vines takes 4-5 years to grow before it can be harvested. Learn it here.

I feel like I just learned so much just from looking those up lol.

I have absolutely no idea if any of it is accurate but that’s what I found! (Share it with confidence and nobody will question you lol.)

As for the giveaway, here’s how you can enter to win:

I’ll kick things off, I always appreciate a generous pour of Pinot Grigio!



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