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Sharing my travel attire because I’m heading to NYC for a long weekend and as I’m sure you all could’ve guessed I CANNOT wait!! I Love New York so much and would move back in a heartbeat. My mom, sister, and I are going to check out all the touristy Christmas stuff so stay tuned for reviews, and details on all of that!

We’re awaiting our plane right now and I feel like a little kid at 5am on Christmas morning. SO EXCITED!!!

Anyways, back to the point…travel attire. Anyone else see photos of influencers about to board a plane in like high waisted jeans, heels, and a fancy lace top? More power to em for looking cute, but dang girl you cannot be comfortable sitting in high waisted jeans for an entire flight!!!

Good for them, not for me!

I’m keeping it as cozy and casual as it gets on my flights – especially today since its an evening trip.

I listed my exact outfit details above, and included a couple of my favorite retailers for cozy buys below!

Express One Eleven – The One Eleven Collection is SO soft and cozy! My sister and I both have a ton of their stuff!  The leggings I’m wearing above are from this collection.

Garage – I used to shop here when I was young and recently rediscovered their soft and cozies! They have some of the best jammies!

Hope you’re all cozied up this evening as well!

Off to NYC…


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