Guys are hard enough to buy gifts for in general (especially Naz he has everything and would never ask for anything,) but I feel like Valentine’s Day brings a whole new level of struggle.

It’s so easy for them. They get us flowers, stuffed animals, chocolate, or whatever else the stores have got in stock for them to choose. They’re set up for success.

The stores just don’t have stuff on deck for the ladies to get their man! Plus, I really like to give more personalized gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. I think it makes it so much more special when you put a personal touch on things.

So I’ve put together a list of gifts for him that I think the fellas would appreciate. Naz helped me out too so they are guy approved!



Last year for Valentine’s Day I made Naz a scrapbook of everything we had done throughout the year.

I had so much fun making this, and we had some great laughs looking through it together after he opened it.

Scrapbooking can get expensive fast, so here are a few tips that helped me keep from spending a fortune. After all, this gift is much more about the mems and feels so no need to break the bank.

Wait until Hobby Lobby has their scrapbook department 50% off, they have deals all the time you just have to go at the right time. Also they always have a 40% off coupon on the homepage of their website so I use that anytime I go!

If you’re artistic like me, try to make as many of the stickers and additional crafty stuff as you can. Your guy will not care if it doesn’t look absolutely perfect like the ones in the store. They probably won’t even know lol.

Check the dollar store. They don’t have super elaborate crafting supplies but they do have some cute stickers and what not that you can include that are obviously very inexpensive.


I get Naz watches all the time, haha. I’ve linked a couple of the ones I’ve gotten him below and he said he Loves them both (he has to say that I know lol.)

MVMT Classic Series Black Leather

MVMT Classic Series Black Tan

Shadow box

This is what I gave Naz on senior night at Iowa State, but I think you could easily switch it up for a Valentine’s Day gift.

The one pictured is pretty big, I used a 22″ by 28″ jersey case shadow box so you may want to go with a smaller one but I used a real basketball rim so I obviously needed a big shadow box lol.

Switch out the rim for a big heart and fill in with photos of the two of you. The additional items around the outside could include some of your favorite things to do together or some of your favorite memories.

Then obviously you would put your names in place of his name and number.


Naz already has WAY too many shoes (I’m one to talk lol) but I know that’s something he would always like as a gift!

He has probably like 80+ pairs of sneakers, and that’s pretty much all he ever wears. Here are a few shoes other than sneakers that my family has given him in the past that he Loves!

Ugg Olsen Slippers

Sperry ‘Gold Cup – LTT’ Sneaker

Personalized Wine Bottle

There are a few different websites I’ve found that do this, but I customized my own on Personal Wine and it turned out so cute!

I’m sure the others would be great too but here’s my example! The custom labels are free or you can get it engraved for $15 so of course that’s what I did so we could have it as a keepsake.

I made this as a sample for you guys but liked it so much that I just pulled the trigger on that order, oops!

You can choose the kind of wine you like too, and if your guy doesn’t like wine, then a trip to the liquor store would be good also, haha.

Pair that with a couples massage and he’ll be a happy camper! (And so will you! A couples massage is like a gift to yourself too – woo!)

I have one more great idea too, but I’m giving it to Naz this year. Since he’s my editor, I can’t really include that just yet!

Whatever you choose to get your man, remember the day is about showing your appreciation, so lots of Love must be included with all of these!


There still has been no leads on any potential owner; therefore, Naz and I have decided to do everything we can to keep her!

I can’t say we have a 100% set plan for the found pup yet because we still have a few details to work out, but I do have a few exciting updates!

She finally has a name! After lots of contemplation, Naz and I decided on Calli.

We’ve taken her to the vet for all her puppy shots, where we discovered she is actually about 9 months old meaning she won’t get much bigger.

She weighs 43 pounds right now and the vet said she might reach 50 pounds maximum.

She is a very healthy and happy little Calli girl, we Love her SO much!

I will be looking into flight information soon (the vet okayed her to fly) and we will be getting her spayed and chipped soon.

Calli enjoys chewing on bones, playing at the dog park, getting her belly rubbed, and napping in my lap.

We Love our sweet Calli girl with all our hearts!

Much Love,


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