Graphic Tees Galore

I’m a big graphics gal and realized while writing this post that I didn’t bring very many with me to Texas.

Naz made fun of me for writing a post about how much I like graphic tees when I only have two in my closet at the moment haha.

Looks like I need to go shopping!!! (Sorry Naz lol)

Okay really though, I do Love graphic tees regardless of how many I have in my closet right now. I think it’s a fun way to express your personality through your outfits.

Also, they’re super comfortable and casual which is my everyday attire. And they’re really easy to dress up if need be. Tuck it in with a cute belt, wedges, and some fun jewelry and you’re ready for a night out!

The one I’m wearing here is one of my favorites and unfortunately isn’t available right now. It’s from Express though if you’d like to keep an eye out for it! I’m in a small but probably could’ve done an extra small too. They have some of my favorite graphics because most of them are super light weight and soft, which is perfect for the heat of summer.

Below, I’ve listed some others that I have on my wishlist, and I think you guys will really like too!

15% Off Site Wide at ILY Couture with code FAMILY15. Ends 7/1/18.


15% Off Site Wide at ILY Couture with code FAMILY15. Ends 7/1/18.


Happy Shopping!



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  1. I love the tee’s especially the one I shitzu not. Sooooo funny. Ray some graphic ones that I cannot mention because too graphic. LOL. He wore them a lot on the river when we had our houseboat and so many chuckles. I hope you are doing well and still enjoying your jeep. Till next time. Take care and take good care of Naz and Calli girl.


    1. Post

      I Love that one too I think it’s so funny! Hahaha oh gosh I can only imagine!! That sounds like so much fun! I’m still Loving my Jeep SO much!!! Hope you’re doing well too! Naz and Calli girl are great as well, Calli is sitting on my lap as I type haha. Not quite the lap dog she thinks she is! Lol

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