So, what are blue light blocking glasses? Blue light blockers are all the buzz right now, and when I heard about them I had absolutely no idea what the heck blue light even meant.

I immediately thought of the blue lights in the tanning bed and the goggles you have to wear to protect your eyeballs from frying in there lol.

I said to my sister a few times that I felt like I was frying my eyeballs from staring at screens all day, everyday. Typically, I wake up at 6am and I’m working on my blog until I leave for work at 7:30. Then I’m on my computer at work all day until I get home at like 5:30. I eat dinner and get back to working on the blog until I go to bed.

Oh and don’t forget to toss in the time I spend on my phone and the little bit of TV I catch in the evening.


You really don’t realize how much time that is until you actually break down your day…

Even looking at the screen time report thingys that our phones put out now is shocking and that is just on your phone. Think about how many other screens we all look at in a day!!!

Anyways okay to the point, Ashley. My sister got me a couple pairs of blue light blocking glasses for Christmas, so I could have one pair to wear at work and one at home. I’ve been wearing them for about a couple weeks now, and I have actually noticed a difference in my eye strain. Here is the exact pair I have.

By the end of the day my eyes don’t feel nearly as exhausted and weak as they typically would. It makes it much easier to be productive(fuctionable lol) in the evening when I get home haha.

Even after wearing them and noticing the impact, I still had absolutely no idea what blue light was or why I needed to block it to make my eyes feel better.

So I’ve done some research and found lots of big words and technical terms that I’ve broken down so you all can easily understand what the heck these things are. And I’m going to kick this off by obviously stating that I am absolutely no where close to an expert on eyewear or eye health, so if you have a question about it please go to your doctor! This is what I found from Google lol.

Here goes…

  1. THIS is why the sky is blue!!! If you wanna read details on the wavelengths, energy, and light spectrum that cause this, you can check out a lot more info on all of this here! But if you want to save yourself the headache, just take my word for it lol.
  2. Blue light is everywhere. The sun is the main source, but it’s also in our lightbulbs and device screens. Our devices put out a significant amount of blue light. While it’s much less compared to the sun, the issue is with the amount of time we spend looking at screens and how close we are to our devices when looking at them.
  3. Our eyes suck at blocking blue light. (Hence the need for the glasses.) The outside of our eye blocks over 99% of UV light from reaching our retina, but almost ALL visible blue light reaches our retina(which isn’t a good thing.)
  4. Blue light contributes to digital eye strain.
  5. Blue light exposure increases our risk for macular degeneration. This one hits close to home. My grandma has macular degeneration. She has lost almost all of her vision in one eye, and only has peripheral vision in the other. Listening to her struggles has made me hyperaware of protecting my eyes. (She stresses that we all wear sunglasses all the time!)
  6. Not all blue light is bad. It can actually be good for you in smaller doses because it helps regulate your sleep cycle, boosts alertness, helps memory, and increases mood.

All in all, the glasses are great for protecting our eyes from the blue light that comes from our devices. I’ve noticed less eye strain right now, but I’m also wearing them to help protect my eye sight in the future. They do also make blue light screen protector filters if you don’t want the glasses! Here is one for a laptop, and here is one for your phone!


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