After all of the snow we’ve had, I am SO beyond ready for spring. And to think on Sunday I am headed to Salt Lake City, where there is even more snow…damn.

Anyways, in spite of my readiness for Spring (I think its safe to say everyone agrees lol) I have to share some of the sales I’ve found lately on Spring Shoes!

This is not sponsored; it’s just some of my favorite buys in the last couple weeks that I have to spread the word about! Enjoy (:

Aldo Habika Flat

I am OBSESSED with these!!! They are so cute and comfy, and I absolutely love that the material is so flexible it seriously feels like little socks! I’ve been wanting some white flats after some Pinterest inspo and I found these 70% off at DSW…score people!

Tahari Wedge Sneaker

Again, super comfy people…see a pattern? Lol There is nothing worse than walking around and dreading every step because your feet hurt so badly. We’ve all been there. Everything is just so much more enjoyable when you’re in a comfortable pair of shoes.

Dr. Sholls Madison Embossed Slip On Sneaker

Okay I know most people associate Dr. Scholls with like grandparents who need lots of comfort and support and what not, but these are so cute! I actually picked these out and tried them on and didn’t even realize they were Dr. Sholls until I was in the check out line!

I wore them today and then instantly made my mom order herself a pair in another color. They are SO comfortable. Like by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

Kate Spade New York Matilda Mules

I’ve been searching everywhere for a cute pair of mules and have found a ton that I Love on the shelf but hate on my foot. I think they all make my feet look so big and they’re difficult to keep on my feet. I came across these a couple days ago at Sak’s Off Fifth and fell in Love!

My foot looks normal size, they’re so comfy, and were on super sale! Does it get any better than that?

Adam Tucker Solo Slip On Flat

Last but not least, I found these puppies at TJMaxx…shocker lol. I find everything at TJ. Anyways, these are also very comfy. The fabric is super flexible and cozy. Calli has tried to take them twice today so I guess she likes them too!

When it gets warmer I’ll share a post showing how I style some of these. I can’t wait for that day to finally come, haha.

In the mean time, I’ll be packing up for our big move on Sunday. Calli’s packing list is almost as long as mine if that tells you anything about how spoiled she is lol.

Hope Naz is ready for us and has made plenty of space in the closet!!! (Hint hint, Naz)

Next week I’ll have an update on how all of that goes…I’m sure it’ll be a good one lol.

Until then!


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