Having the right things with you in your carry on bag is a crucial part of packing for a flight.

I’ve got my carry on packing down to a T, and as I pack for our trip to visit my family, I thought I’d share with you the essential items I never board a flight without. And because we just left Utah and I had to squeeze as much stuff as possible into every bag lol. More on our move at the end of this post!

Also, I just got a new carry on bag! I’m obsessed you guys! One of my friends is a (the best) Stella and Dot stylist (Kim) and I’ve been eyeing this bag for months now.

It’s so spacious… AND it expands!!!

Also, it counts as your personal item on the flight, so you can stick this under the seat in front of you with your carry on bag in the overhead!

That means you have room for so many snacks!

Anyways, that brings me to my list. Number one is snacks, of course. If you’re surprised, I’m disappointed lol.

1. Snacks

I rarely go anywhere without snacks haha. The options in the airport are super expensive too, so I always try to bring my own.

This is a good way to make sure you’re eating healthy. If you think ahead and pack a couple things that are good for you, you’ll be much less likely to cave on buying a candy bar from the corner store.

Some of my favorites that travel well are protein bars (Quest are the best!), apples, trail mix, cut up veggies, and granola.

2. Empty Water Bottle

I drink an obnoxious amount of water everyday. Couldn’t tell you why, I just do. I feel like poo if I don’t so I try to stay hydrated to keep my body happy.

That being said, I like to bring my own water bottle to fill for two reasons. One: I don’t have to stop in the airport to buy one (also prevents me from buying unnecessary snacks and such) Two: I have a water bottle to take with me everywhere once I get to wherever I’m headed.

3. Blanket + Fuzzy Socks

I say this all the time so sorry but I’m always cold…especially on airplanes! I have one of the little airplane blankets that they supply on some flights that I kept and washed because it folds up small and is so easy to pack in my carry on.

Fuzzy socks are obviously to keep the feet warm! Especially when you get one of those seats with the freezing cold air blowing on your feet.

4. Laptop

It sucks lugging it around the airport and having to take it out when going through security, BUT I always bring my laptop on the plane with me. Unless I can manage to cat nap on the plane (highly unlikely,) flights are typically when I find myself most productive!

I don’t have my phone or much of anything else as a distraction, so as long as I plan ahead and have a list of things to do offline, I get SO much stuff done!

5. Gum

I hate when my ears pop on the flight. I feel like I’m yelling trying to get people to hear me because I can’t even hear myself lol. Gum is my savior when it comes to popping ears on a plane!

6. Headphones

This is obvious, but it’s an absolute necessity! Sometimes I don’t even have music playing, but it helps with the productivity because it’s an obvious cue to the people around to not start up a convo lol.

7. Chapstick

There is nothing worse than chapped lips. That’s all I really have to say about that lol.

I will add that I swear by Blistex. It’s my favorite!

8. Sunglasses

Obviously you don’t want them to get smashed in your checked bag, and typically I want them on hand as soon as I land, so my sunglasses are always readily accessible.

I just got a new pair that I’m OBSESSED with!!!!!

9. Dry Shampoo

Something about a day of travel just makes my hair flat and gross, so I always make sure dry shampoo is on hand to fix my hair a bit for when I arrive.

10. Hair Tie

Sometimes dry shampoo isn’t going to cut it lol. Or sometimes I’m hot. Or sometimes I’m flustered trying to get all of my bags and what not together and just need my hair out of my face.

Hair ties are important to have at almost all times lol. So this probably goes without saying because I think most of us ladies carry one on our wrist at all times, but its an absolute must for a travel day.

11. Extra Outfit

I always have one outfit packed in my carry on that fits whatever weather I’m headed towards. This way, if my checked bag doesn’t make it or is delayed I have at least one other option to wear in the mean time.

If I’m headed somewhere warm I ALWAYS have a swimsuit in my carry on as well. This way, no matter how hectic the day of travel may be and no matter what the heck happens with my bags…I know for certain that when I arrive I can go relax at the beach or pool and forget about any chaos that I’ve encountered.

Basically it ensures that I’ll be able to ignore my problems upon arrival lol.

12. Chargers

Phone, laptop, and camera. All definitely necessary in the case of delays. A dying phone is the last thing you need when traveling!

Okay you guys, we’ve officially moved out of our apartment in Salt Lake City! Just as soon as we get settled in and make friends, we’re on our way again haha.

Calli is not a big fan of escalators! Lol her first attempt looked like Will Farrell in Elf!

I know this is a bit blurry, but Naz was showing Calli outside when the plane landed and I just had to share…how cute is this!!!!!

Similar Hoodie | Denim Jacket | Leggings | Shoes | Bag

We’re visiting my parents right now and will be bopping around a bit until we move into our next temporary home.

Can you guess where we’re headed next? Stay tuned to find out!


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