Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there!

Especially mine. She’s really the most incredible woman in the world.

I know just about everyone thinks that about their own mom but mine is really the best.

Instead of telling you all about how much I Love her (which I could very easily do all day!) I’m going to share a little story with you.

My mom has always been super dedicated and dependable.

If she sets her mind to something (or writes it on her to do list lol) you can consider it done.

So some of you know that she recently got a puppy, Louis.

He was a hot commodity let me tell ya!

My mom wanted a puppy for a long time and my dad finally caved recently. He Loves dogs but wasn’t ready for another one yet after putting down our yorkie a while back.

Anyways, my mom was on the hunt. She already knew exactly what she wanted.

A brown or white and brown Havapoo. (Havanese mixed with a miniature poodle.)

Apparently there were a lot of other people around that wanted that too.

So many that the breeders deemed this pup a “designer breed” essentially and the price tags on them were ridiculous. There were wait lists miles long and down payments and everything.

She checked just about every breeder in like almost every state and was hardly finding any available.

When I was home for a few days before our California trip, we went out to lunch and then went to Teske’s (local garden center) to see the puppies just for fun.

They had little Pomeranians that were adorable but not what she was looking for. On the way out, I stopped at the counter to get Calli one of the little gourmet treats.

There was a paper taped to the counter announcing what puppies they had coming in on what dates.

Havapoos were set to arrive a few days after my mom’s flight home from California!

After our trip she called or made trips in daily to get as much info as possible.

The pups arrived on a Wednesday and went up for sale (first come first serve) on Friday morning.

There were two. One brown. One brown and white.

My mom wanted the brown and white one, and on her way out on Thursday the employee at the counter told her she had heard a mom and daughter talking about camping out the night before to get one of the puppies.

Serious competition lol.

So my mom went home and did some research to see if she could find any others available. She couldn’t of course haha.

I told her to just go sit in her car in the parking lot all night.

She has insomnia so she hardly sleeps at all anyways.

Plus it was only one night!

So she did.

She brought snacks, drinks, a lawn chair, a blanket, and all the other necessities.

She arrived at about 9:00pm Thursday night.

First in line obviously haha.

The mom and daughter showed up a few hours later and asked which dog my mom wanted. She told them and they had wanted the same one, but agreed they would get the other one.

My mom had some company for the night which was nice! (They were able to wait in the cars rather than outside thankfully)

Others showed up throughout the night/early morning.

Come opening hour, the worker came outside and took down the customers names in order.

My mom was number one, so she went in and picked out her precious little baby Louis.

He is adorable, spoiled, and Loved to no end!

Calli approved too!!!

Anyways, I think it’s clear as day how special my mom is. She’s always willing and happy to make the biggest sacrifices to get the best outcome for anyone and everyone.

She is dedicated, strong, selfless, and confident.

She is the best role model I could ever ask for.

Thank you for everything, always.

I Love you, Mom.


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