These jeans are so perfect for fall, and I’ve been loving the embroidered denim trend so much lately!

These were a steal at Younkers during their closing sale. I actually unexpectedly scored big there when they were going out of business! My mom and I decided to wander through kind of expecting everything to be picked over. Everyone always seems to run out of my size in everything really quickly. I ended up finding a boat load of stuff at an amazing price though! Woo!

Unfortunately, that means I don’t have an exact link for you guys to shop because they’re closed now. However, I’ve done a little round up of a bunch of adorable embroidered denim that I’m Loving for fall!

Some of these are super on sale because I think they’re really designed to be a spring/summer style. But, it’s so easy to style them for fall too! Throw on a cute pair of booties and a fall colored top and you’re good to go!

I paired mine here with this v-neck that I’ve been wearing on repeat since I picked it up! It’s SO comfortable, light weight, and it’s the perfect fall color! I always have to be careful with yellows because of my blonde hair but this one I’ve been Loving! I sized down to an XS for reference and it comes in eight different colors!

I’ve also got on my trustee brown sandals! I LOVE these sandals you guys I wear them almost every single day. I got them a few years ago at TJMaxx and just recently said to my mom how sad I was that they weren’t going to last me too much longer. I found them at TJMaxx again just a few days after and seriously threw a party in the store I was so excited!!! I can never find the exact pair online so here is the closest I can get in the same brand! The sole looks identical so I’m sure they’re equally as comfortable!

Anyways, okay here are some of my favorite embroidered denim pieces for fall!

You can click the photos below to shop (:


Happy Shopping!

Behind The Scenes: When shooting for this post, a nice lady offered for us to take some photos on her boat. She told us all about how the boat was from Louisiana and is 102 years old! It doesn’t go out anymore they just host events on it for people to come enjoy. It used to carry up to 500 people and 30 cars!  I was so excited that her dog was on there with her! Of course you know I had to include him in some photos so here’s one for you guys to enjoy too!

I like to think he was just as happy as me lol…look at that face!!

Also, I’m finally working on another Amazon update for fall that I think you guys will go crazy over!!! As always, you can only access this through my email list so subscribe below if you want in (:


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