Can you do a hair tutorial?

Yes! I’ll do a curling tutorial since that’s how I’ve been styling most frequently lately. If you’d like to see anything specific let me know! Hopefully I can have that up sometime next week or the following week for ya!

What mascara do you use?

I have used this Maybelline Volume Express The Collossal Mascara for years on end and absolutely Love it! I wear the black, non-waterproof kind!

When is your birthday?

July 6th. Fun fact, I was actually born on my due date!

Do you have any tattoos? If you do, who did it and where did you go?

I do not have any tattoos and really don’t know any places to recommend for you, I’m sorry!

Tips for someone trying hot yoga for the first time?

Don’t look around the room or compare yourself to the person next to you, and go by yourself! It’s easy to feel insecure and uncomfortable with your body in different positions than you’re used to, but I can almost guarantee everyone in the room is focused on themselves not you – as should you!! I say go by yourself because it’s easy to laugh and feel even more uncomfortable with someone next to you that you know.

I Love the personal time I get when I go to yoga alone because I always make that time 100% focused on myself. After you go a few times you’ll be comfortable and able to do that even when bringing along a friend, but I think your first time should be alone!! Personal opinion though, everyone is different!

Do you have vacations planned in 2019?

Yes, a couple actually! First up, I have a trip with my family coming up veeery soon! The rest you’ll have to check back for as the year goes on! (:

You can leave your comments below or email me with “Ask Ashley” in the subject!

Have a GREAT day! (:


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