Since I know we can’t all afford to break the bank for a cute look everyday, I’m sharing some of my best tips for styling on a budget! I talked about this a bit in my Ask Ashley post, but I thought I’d elaborate a bit more because I know there are so many of us on this same page!

Obviously there are many different fashion trends every season, but that doesn’t mean we all have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe every few months. (Although I know we’d all love to – I’d be first in line!)

There are SO many things buried in our closets that can be worn to fit the current trends without having to buy every piece to create an outfit.

The other day I pulled out this Beyonce t-shirt that I got my junior year of high school when I went to her concert. (SO FUN!) I threw it on with black jeans I’ve had for years, an old belt, my new leopard booties (only new piece in this outfit), and a sweater because it was chilly. And since I hadn’t washed my hair for a few days, I tossed on a hat.

I really could’ve used a longer black jacket because it was pretty cold but I didn’t have one so I improvised. I had one black sweater (kinda jersey knit material) with a hood that I wore underneath my black chunky knit cardigan and nobody would’ve ever known.

These leopard booties are super on trend and whenever I wear this hat people think I look so stylish no matter what I have on with it. Little do they know, I actually just had really dirty hair and everything else is ancient!

To get a budget friendly but very stylish look, I highly recommend choosing one trendy piece that you know you will get a lot of use out of and find a deal on it. (TJMAXX PEOPLE!) Then take that home and find things you already have to pair with it! In my case, these booties! I’ve already worn them three times and I’ve only had them for like two weeks. I’ve paired them with leggings and a tan sweater, the outfit I’m wearing, and black jeans and a mustard color top.

Other tips I have are:

  • Clean out your closet and sell the things you don’t wear to buy new
  • Save on your layering pieces (if it’s going underneath something it doesn’t need to cost a fortune (ex: Beyonce top)
  • Thrift stores – you will find unique hidden gems that nobody else will have and they will be so inexpensive!
  • If you don’t absolutely LOVE it the second you try it on, it will probably sit in your closet with the tags on until you finally decide to clean out your closet in two years, and you’ll drop it at Goodwill with the tags on having never worn it. (I speak from experience here, I’m so guilty of this.)
  • Goodwill – another place you may find hidden gems!
  • At the end of the day, think before you buy. What do you have that you can wear with that? When you get home, actually go into your closet and think about some options, so you’ll think of them later when you’re scrambling to get dressed on time.

Happy Bargaining (:


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