Alright guys, we’re going to keep this short, sweet, and straight to the point for ya. (Ladies…stop here and send this to your man!) Your lady is not difficult to buy for no matter what you say! She will probably love anything you get her just because it came from you! HOWEVER, that does not mean you should just pick up anything off a rack at the mall, toss it in a gift bag and call it a day.

Think about what she does everyday. What does she already have that she Loves? Putting a little thought behind it will make it that much more meaningful to her.

Remember, the goal here is to remind her how much you Love her and let her know how special she is. (You should do this everyday! That doesn’t mean buy her a dozen roses every single day. That means knowing what makes her happy and doing those things often because you want to!)

Now, if you’re ordering something, you should do it like NOW to make sure it’s here by the big day!

Okay, here goes!

Sentimental Gifts

Photo book of your favorite pictures together. Upload the photos you want and arrange them however you like OR have it auto arrange for you if you’re not so artsy fartsy. They are on sale through February 3rd.

Personalized wine bottle. Design your own wine label with a photo of the two of you or even have the bottle engraved with something special! (They have pre-designed options that you just fill in the text if you prefer not to get too crafty lol)

Experience Gifts

Tickets to a concert. You know her taste in music, and the two of you would have a blast jamming out together! The memories will last a lifetime!

Book a couples massage. Naz and I did this for our anniversary last year, and it was so nice to get pampered together because that’s not something we do often! Highly recommend!

Plan a weekend getaway! Doesn’t have to be far or expensive if you’re ballin on a budget, just a little Airbnb somewhere to enjoy some time together.

Fashionable Gifts

Remember to think about what she Loves and wears often!



Just a friendly reminder that you can never go wrong with jewelry 😉 lol Seriously though the most important thing is that you take more than 5 seconds and choose something that will mean something to her! If you need more help feel free to email me for more suggestions that will make her smile!


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