I know we just got like half a foot of snow dumped on us here in Iowa, but today I’m covering things we can all wear into Spring to help lighten the mood lol. I’m super excited about the Old Navy transitional pieces I recently got on sale!

As much as I Love chunky sweaters and warm cardigans, we’ve only got a couple months left of this cold weather. (Thank goodness!) I’ve styled each of these pieces for winter below, but I’ll be wearing and sharing them all through Spring as well!

This top is the perfect transitional option because the material is really thick and great quality, which will keep you warm through winter. The 3/4 length sleeves and pop of yellow help bring it right into spring! It’s also super super soft, which you know I’m always all about!

I usually have to be pretty careful with yellows because of my blonde hair, but this is deep and vibrant enough that it doesn’t wash me out! I sized down to an extra small for a little bit more fitted look.

This one comes in ELEVEN different colors! It’s a little bit thinner material than the yellow top above but this one is very soft too! I styled it here with a sherpa vest to keep me cozy warm through these chilly days. I’m counting down the weeks until I’m wearing this with some white denim shorts and flip flops!

This top is actually tunic length when it’s untucked, so it wears really well with leggings too! The material is almost more like a soft flannel, but it’s cotton so very breathable for the warmer days ahead! It comes in an oatmeal color and black/white plaid as well. I went with my usual small and it fits perfectly! Obsessed with this pink!!

This top comes in three other colors and is super super light weight, so you could actually wear this one through summer as well! The tunic length makes it so perfect for leggings and I really really like the sleeve length and slits on the side! It’s the perfect spring top but would wear really well under any cardigans or jackets right now too. I got my usual small!

Last but most definitely not least, this jacket! I Love Love Love Love this jacket you guys it is SO soft and the perfect lightweight material for Spring! I cannot recommend this one enough! It comes in a wine color as well, and I went with my usual small!

As you can see, I linked a different tunic because this one is officially sold out! I have and adore the one that I linked as well, but it was in the laundry when I shot these lol. It also wears really well with denim shorts in the spring/summer too!

Everything is linked in the LiketoKnow.it app too if you prefer to shop that way!

Hope you all have a great start to your week! I started mine out with some hot yoga at 5:30 this morning. It’s funny how our brains operate at that time of day lol. Or at least mine…I’ll just speak for myself but I think you all can somehow relate to this one haha.

So for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to wear pink, cotton leggings to my hot yoga class this morning. Or I guess I should say that I didn’t think about that decision at all. They were on top of the pile I suppose, and my eyes were probably still closed when I grabbed them.

Now, if you’ve ever been to hot yoga, you know why this is an issue…you sweat a ton. For those of you that have never done hot yoga, you sweat more than you’ve ever even thought about sweating before.

Sorry to gross you out…I hope none of you are reading this on your lunch break lol.

So these leggings show absolutely every tiny little drop of water that they come in contact with.

Being that they were clung to me during class, that obviously very quickly became a bit of an issue.

Needless to say, I walked out of there with wet pants highlighting places I’d rather not draw attention to lol.

In my defense, it was my first time ever wearing them, so I wouldn’t have known better even if I were conscious or coherent when picking my outfit! Thankfully it’s dark in the room and the sun hadn’t come up yet when class ended so maybe I was the only one who noticed. (That’s what I’m telling myself lol!)

Anyways, the instructor ended class with something along the lines of, “Be the person you want to attract in the world.” So today I’m trying to attract people that are non-judgemental and that will laugh with me about all the embarrassing things that happen to us in this world.

I’d Love to hear any and all embarrassing stories you guys are willing to share with me below and let’s all just be okay with not having it all together sometimes haha. It is a Monday for goodness sake, so I’m giving myself some grace (and a large coffee!) and I encourage you to do the same for yourself!

Lesson Learned: When doing anything at that time of morning, set your clothes out the night before so you don’t run into issues like this haha.

If you have any last minute Ask Ashley questions feel free to email me or leave them in the comments below! That’ll be comin for ya tomorrow!


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