Visiting Naz’s family in Canada is always such a fun trip for us.

I grew up with one sister, so it’s cool for me to see what it’s like to have a bigger family.

And by bigger family I mean all of Naz’s siblings and all of their friends coming in and out of the house all the time.

It’s like everyone’s home, you never know who’s walking through the door haha.

I Love that though. Everyone is so so so friendly too and have welcomed me with open arms since day one.

Naz’s mom cooks these huge meals for everyone, and we all gather around to bless the food and then dive in like vultures lol.

We got to see his sister’s new town house, where we got another awesome meal!

And we went to his other sister’s house with all his siblings, where we got another awesome meal lol!

We always eat good there!

Anyways, Mississauga itself is such a beautiful city. The buildings are all super modern and unique, and some of the houses that we drove by were incredible.

The mall near his house is amazing! I could’ve gone every single day and probably would’ve drained my bank account.

Except I was already overweight on my bags on the way there of course, so I couldn’t buy much.

Per usual, Naz spent a good chunk of time in the gym everyday. I took my laptop with and worked during his workouts.

We went to the YMCA for both of us to lift a few times and for Naz to take a trip down memory lane. It was so awesome to see him relive his childhood years and talk about his experiences growing up.

One day, we went down to the courts at the YMCA for him to shoot.

I was rebounding lol.

That job is tough let me tell you omg.

I was sweating more than he was and my arms were SO sore the next day!

I think he gave me a better workout than he got himself!!

Naz used to go to that gym to play basketball with his friends at 5am before school everyday when he was a kid. All the same workers were still there and were so excited to see him.

One evening we drove into the city for a Bluejay’s game, which was a blast!

We ate street meat outside of the stadium, and they were the best veggie dogs I’ve ever eaten!! (Fun fact: Naz has never eaten a regular hot dog, hamburger, or bacon in his life lol he was a vegetarian for a long time and only eats chicken, turkey, and seafood.)

Anyways, we had so much fun at the game too. Their stadium has a retractable roof that was closed for that game because it was cold, but Naz said when it’s open you look up to the CN tower from your seats!

I grew up going to the River Bandits games in my hometown, which is a minor league team. So I Love going to baseball games because it reminds me of when I went as a kid.

Every time we go to Canada we plan to go up in the CN tower or go to Niagara Falls or something touristy, but never end up having time. I like being able to spend majority of the time with his family and friends though. We don’t get to see them often, so it’s nice to just soak all of that up.

Calli got to roam the house, which she loved. She quickly decided that she was running the show and walked around like she owned the place haha.

At first, she was a little out of sorts with the number of people coming and going all the time, but got used to it and took advantage of all the extra Love and cuddles she got.

We had such a great time as always and are already trying to plan our next trip back!

Although we can never plan for much given our crazy schedule lol.

Until next time,


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