This past week my family was in California visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin that live out there. I Love spending time with my family more than anything. It makes my heart so full (:

Their house is a bit secluded in the desert outside of LA, it’s so peaceful and beautiful out there I Love it.

My cousin is 14 and is big into soccer, so we spent a lot of time at the fields watching his games and practices. It’s amazing to me how impressive the footwork is out there.

When I was a kid playing soccer…I was the little girl in denim shorts with a pink, sparkly headband, sitting in the goal picking dandelions.

Also, I was known for doing cartwheels and moving the cones around on the field.

Especially when I had to play goalie…I moved the cones in so the goal was smaller and I didn’t have to do much lol.

Quite the strategy I know!

Then I got a tad bit older and I used to hide in the bathroom during the games so I wouldn’t have to run all over the field. My mom always had to come in and drag me back out to play lol.

My sports days were really something hahaha.

Anyways, my cousin’s games were a whole different story. He’s so good!! We had a blast watching him!

We brought Calli with to one of the games and she LOVED meeting all the people and getting to spend some time outside in the warm weather.

She also really wanted to get that dang ball the whole time! She kept running at the field anytime the ball came close to our seats lol.

A few days later, we went to Big Bear Lake to do some hiking, which I think was Calli’s favorite part of the trip!

It was a little chilly up in the mountains so we had to bundle up a bit, but we walked along the lake for a while and then up through some trails.

The view was so beautiful and the trails were perfect for us, because we didn’t want anything too difficult! They had the option to hike some advanced trails but we stuck to the basics to keep it simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Calli wanted to eat everything she could find lol.

Of course!

She found some giant pinecones and had a blast playing with/trying to eat them haha.

This girl eats everything I swear!

Funny story actually…she recently ate Naz’s passport.

We tried to leave her home alone outside of her cage a few times. The first time she got ahold of Naz’s passport and ate half of it. The second time she ate an entire mini bottle of lotion.

I had to make a call to the vet on that second one to make sure there was nothing toxic in there for her. Thankfully there wasn’t and she was totally fine! Needless to say, she hasn’t had the home alone out of cage privilege since then lol.

Now back to the first one…Naz is Canadian, and she ate his passport while we were still in Utah.

He was able to get to California with his drivers license; however, after our last day in California, we were flying out of LAX to head to Toronto (Mississauga) to visit his family.

Not an easy task with half of a passport haha.

They wouldn’t let Naz on our flight, so he had to fly into Buffalo, NY instead and drive through. Calli and I stuck to our original flight and had a row to ourselves, woo!

Naz got in a few hours after us, so I rode with his parents to pick him up. Thankfully they let him through at the border and we’re enjoying our time in Canada now!

What a fiasco!!!

There will be more to come soon on our Canada visit, so stay tuned for that and more!

Until then,


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