It blows my mind how quickly we forget everything we’ve done in the past year. I can’t believe my eyes looking back through my photos from 2018 and all the things I did and places I went!

Here’s a quick trip down memory lane as we close out 2018!

January 1, 2018: Beginning The Year

Naz and I celebrated the start of the year in Park City, Utah overlooking the mountains and popping bottles of sparkling grape juice because we forgot to buy alcohol ahead of time. New Years Eve was on a Sunday, and they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays in Utah lol. We were able to get a couple of bottles of wine from the restaurant we ate at thankfully! You can read more on our celebration here!

January 11-18: Hawaii

My family went on a lovely vacation to Oahu, Hawaii and spent some time relaxing on the beach, exploring the island, and eating lots of delicious food! We were climbing Diamond Head (inactive volcano) when the government issued a Ballistic Missile Threat stating that it was headed straight for us. Read more on that here. It was the most incredible vacation, and I can’t wait for the next time I’m able to go back. Here is an outfit roundup from that trip as well.

January 22: I found Calli!

I can’t believe it was just this past January that I found Calli. I feel like she has been part of my life for so much longer than that! What a blessing she has been though. Calli is now the most spoiled, sweet little (big) pup ever! I Love her with my whole heart and can’t imagine life without her. For those of you that are new, you can read that whole story here!

February 25: Calli and I moved to Utah!

Naz and Calli met for the first time and instantly became best friends! We settled into a nice little routine and met some really amazing people! Oh and of course did some exploring!! Here is a full post on the move.

March 25: Naz and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary!

We celebrated our second anniversary with a spa day, a delicious steak dinner, and a cozy night in. There’s no better way to celebrate if you ask me! And no better guy in the world (: Full post here.

April 10-21: Trip To California!

We packed up our bags, moved out of our place in Utah, and went on to visit some of my family in California! We had such a blast exploring their part of the country and spending some quality time with my aunt, uncle, and cousin! My cousin is a really good soccer player, so we got to watch him play a few times too! He’s 15 now, and I can’t believe how grown up he is!!! Full post here.

April 21-30: Visited Naz’s Family In Canada!

Naz, Calli, and I headed straight to Canada from California to visit his family! It’s always so much fun to see his big family and spend time up there. It’s like a whole different world in their house and the perfect little getaway! We also went to my first Bluejays game, which was a blast! Here is a full post on our trip.

May 1: We Moved To Dallas!

I know Calli doesn’t look thrilled but she Loved Dallas just as much as we did! Our apartment was really nice, there was a walking path, movie theater, gym, and pool all right outside our door, so we were never bored! The dog park had a pond in the middle where Calli learned to swim, and we had an awesome summer in the HOT sun! Here is a full post on our move.

May 10: I Got My New Car!

I Love Love Love my Jeep so much! I’m so glad this is what I chose after test driving like 30 million different options lol. I struggled to make a decision until I saw this one and then I knew immediately that was the one! Here is a full post on that!

June 16: Girls Trip – Dallas!

For our annual girls trip, this year my sister and a couple girlfriends came down to Dallas to visit me! We had so much fun and got to do and see some really awesome things in Dallas! More details here.

June 30: I Became A Stella&Dot Stylist!

What a blessing this has been! I never thought I would ever work in any type of sales, but you all know fashion is something I LOVE! I really don’t ever feel like I’m selling anything I really just tell people what I like and what I think would make them look fab! I’ve had so much fun doing this and have met SO many incredible, supportive women.

July 9-14: Summer League In Vegas!

My family was able to go out to Vegas to support Naz during Summer League this year! My family from California met us there too so we could all enjoy some time in the sun and cheer for Naz during his games! This is also when Naz signed his contract for the year, which was also really exciting!!

August 3-5: Hoopla In Nashville!

I went to my first annual conference with Stella&Dot, where I met so many amazing women and had SO much fun! I learned so much about the company and saw a TON of adorable little fashionistas, which gave me so much style inspo!

August 25: We Moved Back To Utah!

This day was much warmer than we expected…hence Calli’s face lol. We were not dressed appropriately but enjoyed some time up in Park City before the snow came!! I got to reunite with some of my friends out there and we had so much fun catching up!

September 8: Iowa vs ISU Football Game!

We all had a blast tailgating and cheering on the Cyclones during that game!! It was my first time really tailgating for a football game because I was always cheering before! SO much fun!

November 2: I Started My New Job!

I started working at TapOnIt back in my hometown and have been really Loving it! It was a bit of an adjustment for me to be in an office during the day, but I really like what I’m doing! Plus everyone that I work with is super awesome, which makes my day so much more fun!!

November 29-December 2: New York City!

My mom, sister, and I had such a blast exploring New York City during Christmas time!! I just put up a whole post on it here, so I won’t elaborate too much! This was such a dream though, I Loved every minute of that trip!

December 7: Cole Swindell + Dustin Lynch Concert!

My sister and I went to the Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch concert in the Quad Cities and had so much fun! I hadn’t been to a concert in quite a while, so this was such a blast!!

December 22-25: Christmas In Utah!

Naz, Calli, and I celebrated Christmas and spent a lot of time relaxing and soaking up the limited time we had! We celebrated with gifts, a nice home cooked meal, and loads of Calli cuddles!

December 31: Bringing In The New Year!

Oh my gosh you guys should’ve seen us trying to get this picture, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Lol I will be celebrating tonight at home with my family, and I could not be more excited! Growing up, we always went over to my grandmas house to watch the ball drop and celebrate the new year! It’s been years since I’ve been part of that because I was out with friends or out of town. Tonight, my grand parents are all coming over and we will celebrate with food, drinks, and games!

Fingers crossed we can all make it to midnight lol.

Looking ahead to 2019…

I’ll be posting tomorrow with some goals and things to look forward to in the coming year, but for now I’ll just share that I am very excited for what’s to come! I’ve got some really exciting things coming to the blog and in my life that I cannot wait to share with you guys!!

BE SAFE and have fun tonight!

Cheers to 2019!


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