I’m officially a Jeep owner!!!!!

I am so so so SO excited you guys! For graduation, my parents got me a new car!

Obviously, I haven’t been able to pick it out yet with all of the traveling and moving around we’ve been doing. But I finally made a decision and a deal!

In January I started driving just about every small SUV in existence lol.

I’ve driven Honda Civics since I turned sixteen, so I knew I wanted a small SUV for a little change and extra space.

We also need room for Calli and our stuff with all the moving around we do. (Hopefully we can make it a drive sometime haha.)

Anyways, I was almost certain I wanted the Mazda CX-5 for the past couple months.

I Loved the front end design, and I had seen a few driving around that caught my eye every time.

As you can see, I ended up with a Jeep!

I hadn’t even consider any Jeeps in the beginning. My sister has a Compass (so I didn’t want the same thing as her), I didn’t like the design of the Cherokee, and I knew I didn’t want to go any bigger than those.

However, once we got to Texas and I was thinking about things more, I decided I would explore all of my options.

My mom and I searched for different dealerships nearby and she told me she had seen a few 2019 Cherokees.

I checked them out and instantly knew that was exactly what I wanted.

I didn’t even want to look at anything else.

This was it!

We headed down to the nearest dealership to test drive it.

I was really hoping that I would Love it just as much in person as I did online lol.

We found the perfect one, test drove it, I fell in Love, and we went inside to talk numbers.

My dad is a BIG negotiator when it comes to buying cars lol.

He’s been known to keep the managers in the office until after midnight to get the deal he wants lol.

Anyways, we went inside, he taught me about the buying process and what not (that was part of my gift), and the deal was done WAY sooner than anticipated.

We were shocked.

It seemed too good to be true!

It was.

Everything that seems that way usually is haha.

We had everything agreed upon and they were having us start to sign the papers when they brought in a hail waiver.

Thankfully, my dad questioned that paper and they told us they didn’t think this car was damaged, but one of their other lots had hail damage from a storm so they had to have us sign the paper.

My dad told them to bring the car around so we could inspect it.

Sure enough.

We cleaned off the hood and could clearly see it looked like a golf ball with all the divots.

My dad was NOT happy.

We left, went home, ate lunch, talked some trash about them lol, and started researching other dealerships around town.

The people at the first dealership said there weren’t any others like the one I wanted around and that every car within a 75 mile radius had hail damage.

They lied haha.

I got online and found like 10 of the exact same Jeep within 100 miles from our place!

We went to a dealership just a few miles away from the first, and found the same car without any damage!

I drove it, fell in Love all over again, and the buying process began again!

We were able to make a deal and the people at this place were amazing to work with. I wasn’t going to include the names of anyone or any place in this post (most of you probably don’t even care haha) but this place was fantastic. (Not sponsored)

VERY friendly, knowledgable, and helpful throughout the whole process. I had to give them credit where credit is due!

They got it all detailed and filled up with gas for me. I signed the papers and off I drove in my new wheels!!!

Now, I’m driving like a granny and parking in the boonies of the parking lots lol.

Our family is really a Jeep fam now! Between my parents, my sister, and me we’ve got a Wrangler, a Grand Cherokee, a Compass, and now a Cherokee!

Needless to say, I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled!

I also couldn’t possibly be more grateful for my parents.

Thank you for everything, always.

I Love you both more than anything.


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