Hello Dallas


It’s official!!!! We’re in Dallas for the summer! Woo!

I am SO excited for this next adventure in our journey. Neither of us have ever lived anywhere this hot, so I think it’ll be fun to experience something different for a while.

Yesterday, we left Naz’s parents house in the evening, so we got in late last night.

Let me tell you how hectic our lives are…

We didn’t know our address until just before we took off.

Neither of us had a clue what kind or how much furniture we were going to have. All we knew was they delivered it yesterday morning.

We’re here for Naz to train for the summer and he doesn’t know where the gym is or what it’s called.

We got in at 11:30 last night and Naz left at 7:30 this morning for a workout (hence why he’s not in the photos)

Tell me we’re crazy. I know, I believe you lol.

I just said to Naz a few days ago how bizarre it is the way we live.

It’s out of everyone’s control though, it’s just the way life goes for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like I said, we got to the house later last night and were amazed by how nice this place is!

The furniture was all here, so we had to make a trip to the store for bedding, towels, etc.

We don’t have Calli’s cage here yet (My parents are bringing it soon) and, as we all know, she can’t be left unsupervised lol.

So at 1:00 in the morning, the three of us walked (its close) to Walmart to get all the essentials haha.

I swear everything we do is like a three ring circus.

Nothing can ever be easy lol.

Thankfully, everything has fallen into place perfectly and we couldn’t be more excited for this summer!

We’re living in a town house that we love (with great furniture lol) near so many restaurants, shops, and fun things to do. Our complex (and all of Dallas really) is super super super dog friendly, so I’m really excited for all the fun things we have planned for Calli! (I swear she’s way more excited than she seems in all these photos lol)

This is my first time in Dallas, so I’ll be spending my free time in the next few days checking everything out.

With this move comes some very exciting things coming up for my blog as well!

I can’t wait to share them with you soon!



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  1. Wow, Dallas is your new home for the summer. Exciting to say the least. In that one picture of Calli, she looks to be thinking, “And now what are we gonna do, I need a walk.” She is so cute. Have fun exploring together and as always looking forward to your next blog. Take care.

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      We are SO excited to be here for the summer! I think you got Calli’s thoughts spot on! Haha she certainly loves to explore!! Thank you for always reading and supporting me!!❤

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