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I’ve been obsessed with leather jackets for a while now and know it can be a struggle finding a quality one that fits well. I just got a new one a few days ago that I’m obsessed with, so I thought I’d share with you a few that I know are great.

I Love this one I got for Christmas. The quilted shoulders are so cute and add a little extra something to your look!

My sister has this one and she wears it all the time! It’s so cute for a more simple look, and it’s super slimming because of the stretch knit sides. (That also makes it comfortable and functional!)

Obviously it’s chilly here in Canada, and of course I didn’t have room in my bag to pack many jackets. We had to pack for a week in California, ten days in Canada, and a week in our new temporary home all at once. (Hint: it’s going to be a HOT summer!)

Needless to say, I didn’t have much extra space lol.

We had a birthday party to go to a couple nights ago, and I was in desperate need of a jacket! I knew I wanted leather to go with my outfit.

Typically, when I know exactly what I want, I can never find it.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to find this one at Zara!

It’s so hard for me to find jackets that fit me right, because I have more broad shoulders with a slimmer waist and long arms…it’s a struggle haha. I like this one because it fits me everywhere and the leather actually allows me to move without feeling like I’m going to split the back open.

I hate when jackets have no wiggle room.

Anyways, heres to warmer weather coming soon and lots of summer sun!

Stay tuned to see where we’re headed next!


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