Like many of you I’m sure, I really enjoy my coffee occasionally. I don’t drink it everyday and it’s not that serious for me (although I totally get those of you who need your daily cup or two!!!) I try to choose healthier options when I do drink it, so I don’t have to feel like I’m drinking a dessert. There are tons of coffee drinkers out there (most of whom are set in their ways lol) but I just thought I’d share some healthier options I like with you for anyone looking to branch out!

Iced Coffee

My standard summer order is a grande iced coffee with a splash of skim milk. So uninteresting and bland lol I know. But I like it because coffee is one place I force myself to cut calories. If I’m going to drink coffee I almost always make myself drink it nearly black, and I’ve learned to enjoy it that way.

Espresso + Protein Drink

This was newly introduced to me and I LOVE it!!! I order a shot of espresso in a venti cup with ice. (Or two shots if you like a stronger coffee flavor and need a little kick in the tail to get your day going lol.) Then I add a Premier Protein shake, mix it, and drink up! This is so awesome for when you need a little snack too because the protein helps keep you full in between meals. You could really use any type of protein shake you like this is just what I tried! Vanilla and Caramel are both great (:

Skinny Vanilla Latte

This is what I let myself splurge on occasionally in the winter. Not too sweet and not hundreds of calories, which are both a plus in my book!

Black Coffee

In the winter, I obviously get hot instead of iced but still just add a splash of skim milk.

Lately I’ve heard of a lot of people adding collagen to their coffee for another way to get some more protein in; however, I’ve never tried it so I can’t say much about that either way! Anyone who has tried this though I’d love to hear about it, so comment and let me know please.

I try to tell myself that if I’m not willing to drink it without adding all the sugar and fat, then I probably don’t need it that badly lol. It does take some adjusting and discipline to get to that point if you’re used to all the sugary good stuff haha, but it’s worth it for me. I never want to feel bad for drinking my coffee and this is how I convince myself it’s not so unhealthy for me.

Enjoy your coffee today and let me know if you try any of these and like them!


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