Let’s start out with a little background info. I grew up three hours from Chicago. I spent last summer in New York City. I’ve been to Dallas, LA, Miami, Vegas, etc. For an Iowa girl, I’ve seen my fair share of big cities. That being said, I expected Salt Lake City to have a busy atmosphere with tons of people, tall buildings, and the standard hustle and bustle you find in most cities. To my surprise, this was not the case.

Salt Lake City has a very different environment in that there are not many people out and about at all, there are a few tall buildings but not a ton, and from downtown it’s only about a 10-15 minute drive before you’re in the mountains.

Being that Naz is in season and I’m only available to visit for a few days at a time because of school, our time to explore is limited right now. However, here is a list of our favorite places to go and things to do in Salt Lake City so far!

The Park Café

This is a family owned restaurant right by Liberty Park. They have amazing breakfast food that is made to order, which pleases Naz’s picky/strict diet, and the food comes super quick. Naz is a creature of habit and has deemed this place as his go to breakfast spot; therefore, we’ve enjoyed their food about 5 times in the two times I’ve visited, made friends with the workers, and completely taken over the candy dish at the front counter. Shocker.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

If you’re ever in Salt Lake City, this is an absolute must. It’s about a ten-minute drive from downtown and the view is SO beautiful. I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory but, as always, the picture doesn’t do it justice. You’ll get to see the mountains, the city, and some beautiful homes on the mountainside.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Things To Do Salt Lake City

Park City, UT

This is a small town about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City that I absolutely Love! It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains with some amazing views. Once you get into town, there are ski resorts, adorable cabins, and little boutiques everywhere. We went last week to just walk around Main Street and look through the shops – I’m all about boutique shopping. There are so many unique things to see and cute clothes to buy, which is never a bad thing!

Main Street Park City Utah Things To Do Salt Lake City UtahBoutique Shopping Park City Utah Things To Do Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City Stars Game

I’m obviously like ridiculously bias about this one, but this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I haven’t been able to see Naz play in person since his last game at Iowa State and to go from cheering him on courtside at every game to watching from my bed via Facebook Live has been SO strange. I’ll share more about our long distance experience in a later post but seeing him play live was such a great feeling. To say I’m proud of him is a HUGE understatement.

I’m really looking forward to moving out there and getting to know more about the area, but hopefully this gives a little insight as to what we’ve Loved so far. For anyone that has been to Salt Lake City and has any suggestions, please send them my way. As for everyone, what are some places that are intriguing to you or favorite places you’ve been?

Until next week!


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