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Channeling my inner Regina George with the legendary camo pants and flip flops combo lol.

All jokes aside, I’ve been looking for the right pair of camo pants for a while now. I think my main problem was I couldn’t decide exactly what fit I wanted.

I finally pulled the trigger on this pair that I found at Topshop while I was shopping in Vegas! My shampoo and conditioner were left behind to afford the weight for them in my bag lol. But  so well worth it! (They’re not super heavy my bag was just already overweight on the way there and I had to make some adjustments haha.)

I also really like thesethese, these, and these for a few different fit options.

I Love that camo pants can be worn year round and don’t fall into a specific seasonal category. It’s all in how you style them!!

These are so comfortable and different from a lot of other pants I have in my closet, which I Love.

I’ve paired them here with black flip flops and a black tank for a casual, comfy everyday outfit. Perfect for all the errands haha.

And for shopping of course!

However, there are SO many ways to style these for a ton of different seasonal looks. I’ll share more fall/winter looks closer to that time. For now, I’m enjoying the summer sun while it lasts!


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