Okay ladies, this one’s for you! Had to tend to the fellas first because we all know they’d wait until the last minute otherwise! Shopping for your man can be quite the struggle sometimes, but really if you think about the things they Love most you can’t go wrong!

Even the toughest guys have a soft spot for you, so he’ll appreciate something sweet no matter how manly he thinks he is! Lol

Here are some of my top picks for him this Valentine’s Day!

Make him a scrapbook! I know this sounds a little mushy, but I made one for Naz a couple years ago and he Loved it! I included tons of photos and I wrote my favorite memories of us together. We had a blast looking through it together on Valentine’s Day!

Get tickets for you both to see his favorite sports team! Gifts that provide an opportunity for you guys to do something together will create some awesome memories to look back on! You will not regret it!!

If you don’t want to spend much, look for a minor league game nearby and plan a night out. Get some cheap tickets and take him to his favorite restaurant!


And while you’re at it, here’s a pair of sunglass you can treat yourself with for all that hard work you did shopping for your man 😉


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