Happy Hump Day guys! We’ve officially made it halfway through the week and just have to power through a few more days before relaxing into the weekend!

Who’s with me?!

Well, I’ll tell you one person who is! The winner of the day 4 giveaway is…

Rachel Meckley!!!!

Congratulations you will be relaxing in the bathtub soon with your SipCaddy bath and shower wine glass holder! (Here is a link for everyone wondering what the heck that is lol and yes, it’s the greatest thing ever created!) I’m also sending you a bottle of Rose with a label that I’ve personally designed!

I am so so so super excited about this one, I hope you Love it!

As for our next giveaway, I’ve been sitting here staring at my list of gifts for like an hour trying to decide which one to pick next! I really hope all of you are enjoying this as much as I am!!

I let the weather finally make this decision for me. Anyone else have no idea it was supposed to snow in the Quad Cities yesterday?!

It would be perfect if we could get snow like December 23rd-26th for a nice white Christmas, and then skip right back to summer.

Too much to ask?

I will say I’m glad to have my Jeep as opposed to the Honda Civic I had to drive through the snow before! I think everyone on the roads thought I was a grandma (no offense grams!) the first time I drove my Jeep in the snow because I was used to my tiny car sliding all over the place lol. Needless to say, I was extremely extra super cautious that day. For my Quad Cities people, that was when we had a whopping 13 inches dumped on us not too long ago.

What a day that was!

Alrighty so since I’m not giving a car away, I suppose I should get back on track. When we get big snow storms like that, or even just a few flurries, I like to snuggle up by the fireplace in my jammies, with hot chocolate and a movie!

99% of the time that never happens in this busy, crazy world we live in lol but hey a girl can dream!

To enter the day 5 giveaway:

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Crossing my fingers for warmer weather soon!


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