Christmas is without a doubt the best time of the year. I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes the whole gifting process can be a little difficult. You don’t know what to ask for and you don’t know what to get for those hard to buy for people on your Christmas list.

AKA: my sister.

She’s so picky and has a very defined comfort zone when it comes to her wardrobe. Whereas I wear just about anything. Typically, I just get her something I would like that I know is outside her comfort zone to make her branch out.

You’re welcome, Kayla.

I put together a list of a few things I have and Love, along with a few things I have on my Christmas list this year (These are not sponsored; however, I may get a little kick back from Amazon, but don’t let that take anything away from the phone case. I swear its amazing…if you have it you know!)

Happy Shopping!

1. Leather Jacket

I’m big on layering because I am almost always cold; therefore, I’m hoping to get this for Christmas in a medium so I can fit a sweater underneath when it’s a little cooler outside. ON SALE!

Christmas Wish List Leather Jacket

2. Lace Bodysuit

I’ve been looking for a cute lace bodysuit for a while now, but a lot that I have found are like totally see through and that’s not really the look I’m going for. I found this one on sale and Love that it gives a little more coverage! ON SALE!

Christmas Wish List Lace Bodysuit

3. MVMT Watch

My sister got this for me for my birthday this past summer and I Love it. It’s lightweight and not super chunky like most watches. They’re much less expensive in comparison to most designer watches. They also have a new line of really cute bracelets you can pair with the watches to add a little more bling! I really like this one, this one, and this one to go with my watch.

Christmas Wish List MVMT Watch - Santa Monica

4. Steve Madden Shoes

My mom just got these for me a few weeks ago and I think they are SO cute and comfy. I went up half a size to give me a little more room!

Christmas Wish List Black Steve Madden Shoes

Christmas Wish List Black Steve Madden Shoes

5. Apple iPhone Case

I got this phone case over the summer and absolutely Love it. I was nervous to get the white because I destroy everything and phone cases get especially dirty. But somehow it literally never gets dirty at all. Also the material/texture of the case gives a nice grip so I drop my phone a little less frequently.

Christmas Wish List White Apple iphone case

6. Rimmel London Lip Color

This is more of a stocking stuffer but I’m newly obsessed with this drugstore lip color. I’ve tried so many different lip stains and paid a pretty penny for them because I needed something that would stay on for an entire 8-hour football game day. My sister introduced me to this product, and I swear this stuff is so inexpensive and does not come off without a makeup wipe. You will not believe me until you try it. I’m wearing Wish Upon A Berry in the photo above and I also have Kiss Me You Fool and really like both!

Christmas Wish List Rimmel London Lip Color

7. Black Jeggings

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ve seen these before and I’m sure many other places because they’re pretty popular. I like these because they are high-rise but still super comfortable. I’m wearing a size 2 regular for reference! ON SALE!

Christmas Wish List Black Jeggings Distressed

8. Red Cropped Hoodie

I got this cropped hoodie over the summer in NY and unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so I linked a similar black one from the same store that I’m sure will be just as cozy as this one! It’s so soft!!

Christmas Wish List Red Cropped Hoodie

9. Ray-ban Sunglasses

Another gift from Mom here! I got these for my birthday and Love them! I had never heard of polarized sunglasses before, but they make the colors so much brighter and better. I will never go back!

Christmas Wish List Ray-ban Sunglasses

10. Metallic Michael Kors Purse

I’ve had this bag for a while and carry it all the time because I like the pop of shimmer it gives, as well as the size because I have a lot of stuff to carry around all day for no reason just like all of you. I could only find this one on Ebay or Poshmark which may be a great deal for you guys but since they’re not brand new I thought I’d link a similar one that you can get, quality guaranteed. ON SALE!

Christmas Wish List Metallic Michael Kors Purse

That’s all for now, if any of you get or have any of these items I would Love to know your thoughts! Also, my mom has requested that I add a few more ideas to my Christmas list so please comment some of your favorite things that you think I would Love. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!


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