Happy Saturday guys! I hope you’re all loafing on the couch all day like I will be!

Like I said in the post yesterday, this is one of the gifts that I have beenĀ most excited about! I mentioned a few days ago how much fun it has been getting to know you all a little bit better during the giveaways, and that goes hand in hand with this gift!

The day 7 giveaway winner is…

Maggie Deskin!!!!!

Congratulations I’ll be coming over for a wine night with you and your friends!! Lol Please excuse me while I literally invite myself over to your house, I know how rude right?!

Naz suggested that I gift a wine night kit and I was like “well…what if I wanna go?”

So I’ll bring all the wine, glasses, and goodies! All you have to do is invite your ladies over!! If you’re uncomfortable welcoming me into your home, we can meet somewhere public lol. But I promise I’m not a creep (:

As for our next giveaway, we’re talking rest and relaxation people! I’m all about it, especially this time of year!

Essentially the most important part is that you make time for it. Sometimes that’s that most difficult part. Believe me, I understand that! But we all need to rest. It is not an option or a point of weakness. It is a necessity and should be treated as such!

Acknowledge that resting your mind and body are both equally important. I know personally I’m a better person and I function best when I allow myself to rest. Whether it be 20 minutes or 2 hours, ya gotta squeeze it in somewhere!

I’m gifting one of you some goodies that will give you a break from the hustle and bustle!

To enter to win the Day 8 giveaway:

Thank you and goodluck!


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