Happy Halloween you guys!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I waited until the very last minute to grab pumpkins.

And if you know me at all, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised lol.

My mom and I stopped at a local place rather than the pumpkin patch because it was SO windy.

I wanted to get some cute pictures and we thought we might have better luck there as far as photos went.

We thought wrong lol.

Actually, we did end up with some decent ones but 90% of them were failures haha. I’ll include them at the end for your entertainment (:

Anyways, after struggling for a while to get some good pictures, we did in fact buy some big ole pumpkins!!

We also got a bunch of little ones to make a cute little arrangement on the front porch.

The sweater I’m wearing is from Mezzanine (a local boutique in my hometown), and I have it styled with these jeans, similar boots, and these earrings.

On the way home we stopped to pick up some carving tools, stencils, and of course wine!

My dad had to help us with some of the tough work, but we had a blast drinking wine and making a mess of the kitchen with pumpkin guts!

And I think the pumpkins turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!!

Calli wasn’t so sure at first but eventually approved (:

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween for a few years because I’m kind of more of a home body these days lol. But this year my mom and I decided to get some costumes for the doggies! You guys know I had to do something special for Calli girl!

This year, she’s an angel and Louis is our sweet little devil lol. They make quite the pair!

Seriously though, they are so stinkin cute you guys! These costumes are actually just attached to harnesses which is SO nice because it doesn’t bother them much at all, and they’re so easy to put on and take off. We found them at Target!

Calli actually didn’t even realize she was wearing it for like the first hour or so lol.

Tonight will be a major fiasco in this household. The dogs will be going NUTS with the doorbell ringing for trick or treaters and the costumes and the people running all over outside…these pups are going to be wild haha.

Wish us luck…we need it!

As promised, here are my outtakes from our pumpkin photoshoot lol.

Enjoy (:

Happy Halloween!


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