Currently I’m…

Sitting on the couch in my pj’s, writing this post, listening to pandora coffee shop soundtrack, drinking hot green tea, with Calli curled up on my lap. Yes, she thinks she is a 6 pound lap dog. Yes, she actually weighs over 40 pounds.

And yes I’m still in my pj’s after 12:00 in the afternoon. No I don’t do this everyday lol.

Working from home has it’s perks because I can do this on days I want to, but I find myself so much more productive when I get up and get myself ready for the day in the morning.

Although I have had a very productive day in my jammies so far today! Anyways, I thought I’d share a few things I’m currently loving, doing, listening to, eating, etc.

Currently I’m…

Eating all the fall goodies. I’ve made applesauce twice in the last week and last night a pot of turkey chili for dinner. One of my fall favorites! I’m trying to avoid pumpkin bars because I know I’d eat them all in one sitting and then I’d have to add a “Currently I’m… regretting” section to this post.

There are so many yummy fall desserts, I could go on for days about what I’m wishing I was eating lol.

Currently I’m…

Wearing this cardigan every single day. Seriously it’s almost embarrassing lol. If I didn’t work from home people would probably think I’m disgusting!

Although now that I’ve shared with you guys I suppose my secret is out haha.

I’m not even ashamed though honestly, it’s so good! I wear it like a cardigan and then if I eat a lot and have a food baby, I button it up into a tunic so nobody can tell I look preggo!

(I’m not pregnant lol referring to the food baby just to clarify!)


I’m also love love loving that leopard is so in right now! Channeling my inner Cheetah Girl on a daily basis over here haha. Here, here and here are a few of my favorite leopard accent pieces right now!

Currently I’m…

Listening to Pandora’s Coffee Shop Soundtrack station all day everyday. It’s the perfect background music when I’m working, cleaning, cooking, doing anything really! It’s upbeat enough to keep me going but not distracting at all when I need to really focus!

I just heard that Sirius XM is buying Pandora and I’m a little concerned with how this whole merging process is going to be for me lol. I’m cheap and listen to Pandora with all the ads because I just don’t care lol. I don’t think Sirius XM has any kind of option to even do that, so they better not take this from me!!!

Maybe this is just a sign it’s time for me to grow up and pay for my music. We’ll see haha.

I’m also starting to jump on the podcast bandwagon, so please let me know some of your favorites!

Currently I’m…

Shopping at TJMaxx way too much. They have SO many great fall pieces right now it’s amazing! I’ve gotten tons of sweaters, fall tops, booties, vests, and I would be splurging on all the fall decor but I refuse to decorate with how much we move lol.

Fun fact – when we lived in New York we bought cheap canvases and painted our own wall decorations haha. It was actually really fun and we put our own little personal touch on them, which made it so much more meaningful to have them in our home!

Naz is no artist so it was 100% abstract, don’t get me wrong here lol!

Except I did take more time on one and painted the NYC skyline and it actually turned out kinda halfway descent if I do say so myself lol.

Currently I’m…

So thankful for Calli. Lately it’s really sunk in how crazy that whole situation was. You guys know I am crazy dog obsessed and if it weren’t for her showing up I don’t think I would’ve gotten one yet because of how all over the place I am.

She is literally the perfect dog. (I’m only a little bias haha) But seriously if I could pick every attribute out and build my own it would be her. She is so smart and loving, she is a great listener, she cuddles, she kisses, she’s everything I could ever want in a dog. I cannot believe she just appeared in the backyard.

Calli is one of the only things in my life that isn’t ever-changing and as silly as it may sound, she gives me some sense of stability. She is my protector, companion, co-worker, co-pilot, and best friend. I’m so thankful that she rolls with the punches so well and lives this crazy life with me.

(On a lighter note) Currently I’m…

Laughing so hard at this shirt. You guys my sister found this photo a couple nights ago, and we laughed SO hard reading through them! I just had to share!! My favorite is OMMR.

Currently I’m…

Working on planning out my next month or so of blog posts! I would love love love to get some input and ideas from you guys!!

I’m going to start a little segment called Ask Ashley where you guys can submit questions you have about my life, your life, pieces you’ve seen me wear and not post details on, styling tips for specific pieces you have, travel questions, outfit suggestions, etc. etc. Anything goes really haha.

There is a box near the bottom of my homepage where you can submit your questions or you guys can email me¬†questions with “Ask Ashley” in the subject!

I’m also taking suggestions for blog post ideas! You can email those as well or comment below (:

I can’t wait to have a little bit more personal connection with you guys through this new segment, I hope you’re as excited as I am!!


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