We’re Moving!!! (Again!)

As some of you may already know, we’re moving back to Utah! Woo!

Naz and I are SO excited about our upcoming adventure!!!

He will be back with the Utah organization for another season, and I will continue doing what I do from home in Salt Lake City!

Throughout this summer, I’ve had so many people ask where we wanted to end up this fall. To be completely honest, neither of us had a location preference. We are obviously always willing to relocate wherever the best opportunity stands.

However, I will say that we both have a sense of comfort knowing we will be back in Utah.

We know the people within the organization are so friendly and helpful. Naz already knows guys on the team and I already have friends out there.

And I couldn’t possibly be more excited to return to Rebel HouseΒ to have Brittany kick my booty in her cycling class! I also can’t wait to finally try their boxing classes as well! (Not an ad I just love it there!)

We’re familiar with the area and are excited to explore a bit more this time around because we will have my car with us!

Calli doesn’t know where we’re headed obviously, but we’re sure she will be SO excited to be moving back to Utah!

She will love all the hiking and exploring, and of course the dog park there as well haha.

We don’t know for sure when exactly we will be headed out there, but will be enjoying the last of our time in Dallas for now!

Lastly, I want to apologize for being so MIA the last couple weeks – I’ve been SO busy and now have a ton of stuff to catch you guys up on so get ready for things to pick up here on the blog.

Missed you guys (:

Here’s to our next and newest adventure!



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  1. You’re too cute!! So happy for you and Naz!! (And Calli of course!!)

    You should write some posts about hiking and your go-to places in Utah!!

    Excited to read about your adventures!! πŸ™‚

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      Thank you so much! We are so excited and will definitely be writing about the many adventures to come in Utah!! Thank you for the suggestion! Keep your eyes peeled!πŸ™‚β€

  2. Wow, Utah is such a gorgeous state and I’m so happy for you and Naz to be moving back there once again. Calli girl is getting to be quite the “world traveler” and I’m sure she’s delighted to go where ever her momma and daddy are at. That’s a beautiful picture of you and Naz Ashley. Love your outfit and Naz’s red tennis shoes. Red is my favorite color Naz.

    My grandson Adam leaves for college in Kansas in about 3 1/2 weeks and I’m already having the grandma blues. I will miss him so much until he comes home again for holiday break. He’s looking forward to playing golf for the Tabor College Blue Jays and majoring in Sports Marketing.

    Yesterday, Tuesday I went shopping with my daughter Angie and also my granddaughter’s Anna and Gracie. They are both teenagers and so fun to shop with. We went to Tanger Outlets in Williamsburg and then to the Coralville Mall. Man oh man we shopped till we literally dropped. So many great sales. We loved it. ….and then we just had to stop at Scratch Cupcakery. LOL

    I guess that’s it for now. I did miss seeing your blogs the past couple of weeks and figured you were very busy. Glad you’re back. Take good care and look forward to your next blog.

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      We are so excited to be headed back! Calli has quite the travel history doesn’t she! Haha I think you’re right about that, she never leaves our sides! Thank you so much, I got that jumpsuit on super sale at Charming Charlie and Naz’s red shoes are one of his favorites – his favorite color is red too!

      I’m so sorry and excited for you at the same time! You will adjust to the distance and love to hear all of his stories and successes coming soon! Shopping days with the girls are always so fun, I Love going to the Tanger Outlets with my family too! And nothing beats Scratch Cupcakes, they’re SO delicious!!

      Thank you so much for always keeping up with my blog and for all of your endless support, I appreciate it more than you know!πŸ™‚β€

  3. I’m so happy for you and Naz! Good luck in Utah. It was so fun getting to see you and your mom again, so good to catch up. I’ll be following your post.

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      Thank you so much!! It was so great to see you too, we Loved getting to chat with you! Next time I’m home I’ll be calling to come check out the school and probably take you up on a pool day! πŸ™‚β€

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