TWO DAYS!!! I’m extra excited for Christmas this year, and I can’t wait to share with you some of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions! I hope that you’ll share yours with me as well!

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve we break the day in two, so we can spend time at each grandparent’s house! We always go to my grandparents on my dad’s side in the morning, and my mom’s side in the afternoon!

For breakfast, we have eggs in a bag that my grandma always prepares. This is an awesome little trick for anyone trying to serve a personalized breakfast to a larger group of people!

Basically each person gets a gallon size ziplock bag – label their name with sharpie. Inside the bag each person squishes up two eggs so it looks scrambled in the bottom. Then add any toppings/mix ins of your choice!

My grandma usually has sausage, ham, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, etc. Zip the bags up and bring a large pot of water to a boil. Place all of the bags in the water at once and let them sit for 13 minutes. Remove them from the pot and each person can remove their personalized omelet from their baggie onto their plate! Works like a charm every time!!

Stocking Scavenger Hunt – We don’t do this anymore because it’s a little tough for my grandma to coordinate now, but I absolutely LOVED this little tradition growing up! My grandma would have a note with a clue on it inside each of our stockings. That clue would lead us to the next clue and the next clue all around our favorite spots in her house until we found our gift bag filled with stocking stuffers!

It was so much fun and even more hilarious when my grandma couldn’t remember where she hid stuff lol.

After our scavenger hunt, we open presents and loaf around for the rest of the morning!

My grandpa is one of those people who just can’t sit still and always has to be doing something. We crack up every year because he always starts taking down the Christmas decorations as soon as we finish gifts, because he gets bored and can’t wait to have something to do LOL. My grandma always gets so mad it’s hilarious!

Like he will just walk up and rip the Christmas tree in half and start hauling it downstairs without saying a word!

Anyways, we make a quick pitstop at home to drop off gifts and relax for a while and then we go to my grandparent’s house on my mom’s side.

We always have tons of snacks and treats to munch on there as soon as we arrive! After visiting for a while, we all open gifts. For every gift opening we have, my sister and I take all of the presents from under the tree and deliver them to each person’s seat. We all have a little pile of gifts next to us and go around the room one at a time to open so we can see what everyone gets! (And their reaction – my favorite part!!)

After gifts, we always eat a delicious ham dinner!

Quick Tip: When cooking a ham, place it inside an oven bag with one cup of water and follow the bag instructions from there. It makes the juiciest, most delicious ham ever!

Once our food has settled a bit, then we open our stockings! For these, we all dive in all at once!

Next up: dessert! (My second favorite part lol)

You guys, my grandma’s sugar cookies are top notch, I don’t know how she does it!! My sister and I have tried so many times to make her recipe and for whatever reason it always tastes better when she makes them!

Christmas Day

My mom, dad, sister, and I all get up in the morning and meet in the living room by the tree in our jammies. I’m talking like sweatpants I’ve had for 10 years and an old raggedy sweatshirt thats 5 sizes too big. Not the cute matching pajamas you see on the put together families all over the internet haha.

We like to keep it super real, casual, and cozy lol. Picture to come just for your enjoyment (:

Anyways, my sister and I pass out all of the gifts and we open one person at a time, just like I mentioned. Once we’re all done, we make a yummy breakfast and chow down all together!

Then we all shower and get ready before all of our grandparents and my uncle come over for the day! We do soups for lunch each year. One grandma makes chili and the other chicken noodle soup. We have all kinds of sides and snacks to munch on throughout the day of course too!

Sometimes we will watch a Christmas movie or play cards during the afternoon as well!

Finally, we chow down more of grandma’s cookies!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?!


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