Let’s Catch Up!

HEY GUYS!! I’ve been a little MIA on here for a while and am super excited to finally get things rolling again, but first I feel like I need to fill you all in on what I’ve been doing lately!

I feel like I’ve been on the go nonstop (what else is new I know lol) so if you read my Nashville Outfits post you know I was in Tennessee about a month ago. From there, I came home for all of my annual doctor/dentist/eye doctor/etc. appointments..I always have to cram those into a few days to make sure I get them all in before leaving town again. Not exactly my favorite thing ever haha but must be done so check that one off the list!

I got to go to the Drake concert in Chicago with one of my besties from high school, and we had SO much fun!!

I had a few S&D style sessions at home (SO much fun you guys I am absolutely Loving that new journey of mine by the way!)

On the 19th my mom and I headed down to Dallas to finish packing everything up and get my car ready to ship to Utah. We spent a couple days organizing and cleaning before we loaded up my car on the trailer to send on it’s way! And yes for those of you thinking that must’ve been slightly horrifying getting that thing up there…it was! Lol but everything went so smoothly and the driver was as nice as could be. It met us in Salt Lake City only two days later!

We spent our last day at the pool and since we had an empty house with no cage…Calli got to join us on her own lounge chair lol! I think she will be glad to know that fall is right around the corner haha she gets hot so fast with her brown coat!

Anyways, we got to SLC the next day and finally got to see Naz yay! We spent the next few days getting everything in the apartment organized making endless runs to the store for the million things we discover we need every time we move lol. It’s quite the process!

After finally feeling somewhat settled we were able to do some fun stuff! We all went hiking at what we thought was going to be Donut Falls but we actually have no idea where we were lol. All we know is it was hard work and so beautiful!

We also went to Park City for a day to show my mom around and we had such a blast! We got up there and Park Silly was going on (Naz knew ahead of time and surprised us) which is like a giant farmers market with all kinds of food trucks and drinks and awesome stuff to see.

Calli came along for this one and was so exhausted by the end of the day lol. There were just so many smells, people, dogs, and lots of hot sun! But how stinkin cute is she you guys I Love her so much.

We were not properly dressed for this 80 degree day obviously lol. I guess we need to get in the habit of checking the weather more often!

My mom headed back home to Iowa, and Naz and I finally started to kind of settle into a bit of a routine for a few days. That always feels good to have a little bit of normalcy in our schedule every once in a while.

We no sooner started to feel settled, and we picked up to come back to Iowa for the Iowa/ISU football game! Couldn’t miss that!!

As bummed as we were that the Cyclones didn’t come out with the W, we had so much fun tailgating and getting to see so many people we’ve been missing! This was actually my first time ever tailgating and going to a game and all that fun stuff, because I was always cheering so I couldn’t participate! Man was that exhausting lol. SO much fun though I Loved it!!

The night before the game I had a style session with some of my favorite cyclone fans! This sweet girl used to come to our ISU cheer clinics when I was on the team and would always come over to me every year to hang out (: (The first year she was part of my group!)

I’ve seen her and her momma at tons of games so it was such a blast getting to hang out with them and some of their friends! Also her mom cut my hair which was such a life saver because I needed a trim SO badly!

Think about it okay…most people have one hair stylist that they go to religiously. When you move every few months that’s impossible! So I’m thrilled I now have someone I trust with my hair at home so I don’t have to sit in the chair freaking out every time I try a new place lol. Shout out to Tiffany at Tiffany & Co. Salon. (Not sponsored I just am seriously so grateful for her!)

I’ve been super busy this past week with work so not a ton of super exciting things to share there haha. Except I’ve gotten a ton of new jewels and Calli attacked my sister with Love when she walked in the door during my latest live video in Inside Ashley’s Closet…lol it was quite the extravaganza.

Anyways, now I’m headed downstairs to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and have to share how absolutely adorable they are! I hope this fills your heart as much as it does mine (:

Thanks for catching up with me and I’ll be around much more frequently I promise!



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  1. OMG, you are finally back. You were missed and I’m so happy to read this blog. You have truly been so busy and hope you and Naz and Calli are settled in once again. Utah is such a beautiful state and I’m sure you are enjoying it very much. I love all your pictures and it actually looks like Calli is smiling in that picture of you and her on those steps.

    We watched the Iowa State and Iowa Hawkeye football game on TV. We were hoping that Iowa State would win too, but not this time. I have never tailgated but it looks like your family had so much fun. My daughter and her husband have tailgated in Kansas City and they always have such a great time too with their friends. We are watching the Cubbies tonight vs the Reds. Hoping the Cubbies can win..

    My grandson Adam is doing very well as a freshman in college in Kansas. I miss him so much and yet I’m so happy for him. He’ll be home at Thanksgiving and this grandma can’t wait to see him.

    Congrats to your grandparents on their 60th wedding anniversary. What a beautiful looking couple and her dress is so gorgeous. Enjoyed the pics. Is this your mom’s parents or your dad’s??

    I guess that’s it for now Ashley. Let me know when Naz is on TV playing basketball and what channel and we will watch. Say hi to Naz and big hug for Calli girl. Take care always.

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      Yes I’m finally back!! Tailgating is always so much fun, you’ll have to give it a try sometime!! I’m so glad to hear your grandson is doing well I bet you can’t hardly wait to have him home! That will be such a nice Thanksgiving for you all! We celebrated my Dad’s parents 60th anniversary, it was so adorable they’re so sweet together! I will keep you posted with Naz’s schedule when the season starts and hopefully you can watch a game or two! Take care!

  2. I have been in Park City since last week in August. I was at Park Silly Market the day you were there. I go every Sunday and sit at a table watching the Band. Head back to Arizona the last day of September.

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