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One-To-One Text Solution

Evolve existing technology into a one-to-one text messaging platform to meet customer demand.


Clients want to incorporate text messaging into their sales strategy and customer support solution but cannot find a platform that allows them to send group messages and receive responses individually thereafter. They want to have one-on-one conversations with their contacts and have the ability to communicate one-on-one following a group message. 


Create a mobile-friendly messaging platform that seamlessly integrates text messaging into the sales funnel and support solution. Incorporate elements of the group-to-individual response feature into the marketing solution as well, with a primary focus on the sales solution.

Sales Solution Brainstorm:

    • Allow sales reps to send a group message that contacts can respond directly back to
    • Rep is able to view active conversations in the admin dashboard
    • Each user will have their own Toll-Free Number (TFN)
      • Contacts will receive messages from this TFN and can text the number anytime to reach their rep
      • Reps will receive system messages from this TFN alerting them of new leads and incoming messages. They will also receive a copy of any group messages.
      • Protects employee privacy by not giving out their personal cell phone numbers
      • Protects client data by storing all information in a secure database
    • Give sales managers the ability to assign leads
    • Incoming message notification system that allows for punctuality¬†
    • Assign tags based on information collected at opt-in
    • Ability to create groups based on sales status, package sold, location, etc.
    • Allow out-of-office messages and automatic forwarding so no contact is missed


This concept was needed for a presentation in one week, where stakeholders wanted to present two user flows to a client: Incoming Leads and Group Messaging with Individual Responses.

For the sake of time, the mapping of these two flows was completed first and the initial prototypes were produced. Then the bigger picture was considered and the MVP was determined.

New Lead Flow

One To One Messaging New Lead Flow Brainstorm

Group Message – Individual Response

Group Message To Individual Response User Flow

Mobile First Approach

The solution must have a heavy focus on mobile usability so responses can be timely. Reps will need easy access to send messages to their contacts or groups on the fly.

New leads must be contacted in a timely manner. There needs to be a seamless process for sales managers to assign new leads, notifications for sales reps, and a smooth experience for the customer.


One To One Messaging Mobile Wireframes

New Lead User Flow

New Lead Notification Screen
New Lead Notification Screen
New Lead Details Screen
New Message Sent to Incoming Lead
Message Inbox Screen

New Lead Prototype

Group Message – Individual Response Flow

Sales rep sends a group message from the admin dashboard.

Group Message Sent From Admin Dashboard

Customer receives the group message and replies to carry on a one-on-one conversation.

Client Experience - Group - One on One Messaging

Sales rep receives a system text message notifying them of an incoming message, and they click through to reply within the admin dashboard.

Sales Rep Experience - Group - One on One Messaging


Adding one-to-one messaging to the current marketing solution eliminates the need for an additional dashboard. The MVP includes the following features:

    • Customers can respond to marketing messages
    • Brands will receive text and/or email notifications for incoming messages
    • A new page in the current admin dashboard will display all conversations and allow the brand to individually respond to customers via text
    • All communication will come from one short code or TFN. This will keep all marketing messages and individual communication in a single text thread
    • Protects the privacy of the brand’s employees and keeps customer data secure within the database