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Content Hub Customization

Create a feature in the admin dashboard that allows clients to customize their Content Hub to their liking independently.


Creating and editing content hub customizations requires a developer and doesn’t give clients creative freedom.


Create a feature within the Admin Dashboard that allows clients to customize how they want.

    • Organize and group like settings to streamline the user journey.
    • Categorize settings and separate like features into subsections
    • Include a live preview reflecting cosmetic changes
    • Update verbiage and titles to clarify their meaning 
    • Implement information icons to explain further detail


Without changing the back-end functionality, arrange settings and update verbiage to allow clients to customize their content hub without support.


content hub settings before redesign


Colors, Style & Layout

Brands can add their logo, customize colors, select a layout, choose a button style, and more. The live preview will automatically reflect any cosmetic changes.

Content Hub Customization

General Information

Clients can provide support information, privacy & terms, social media links, website URL, business locations, and metric tracking tools.

Content Hub General Information


Subscriber profile fields can be customized, so brands can gather exactly what they want to know about their audience.

Content Hub Profile Fields


Fully customizable menu items allow brands to quickly link to anywhere within the content hub, or incorporate external links. 

Content Hub Menu