Currently I’m…

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Currently I’m… Sitting on the couch in my pj’s, writing this post, listening to pandora coffee shop soundtrack, drinking hot green tea, with Calli curled up on my lap. Yes, she thinks she is a … Read More

Let’s Catch Up!

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HEY GUYS!! I’ve been a little MIA on here for a while and am super excited to finally get things rolling again, but first I feel like I need to fill you all in on … Read More

My Healthier Coffee Orders

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Like many of you I’m sure, I really enjoy my coffee occasionally. I don’t drink it everyday and it’s not that serious for me (although I totally get those of you who need your daily … Read More

We’re Moving!!! (Again!)

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As some of you may already know, we’re moving back to Utah! Woo! Naz and I are SO excited about our upcoming adventure!!! He will be back with the Utah organization for another season, and … Read More

Home Sweet Home

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It feels so good to be back home in Iowa. I think everyone can relate to the comfort of being in your hometown, but Iowa is really something special. Especially when you bop around as … Read More

My Daily Skincare Routine

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I struggled with acne and scarring growing up, so finding a skincare routine that worked for me was such a relief. It took a few years of going to the dermatologist and trying endless different … Read More

I Got A Jeep!

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I’m officially a Jeep owner!!!!! I am so so so SO excited you guys! For graduation, my parents got me a new car! Obviously, I haven’t been able to pick it out yet with all … Read More

A Bit About Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there! Especially mine. She’s really the most incredible woman in the world. I know just about everyone thinks that about their own mom but mine is really … Read More

Hello Dallas

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DALLAS IT IS!!! It’s official!!!! We’re in Dallas for the summer! Woo! I am SO excited for this next adventure in our journey. Neither of us have ever lived anywhere this hot, so I think … Read More

I Moved To Utah!

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Holy smokes, I moved to Utah! Moving day was such a whirlwind. So many emotions and so many moving parts. My mom, dad, and sister were all able to drive with me to the airport … Read More

A Truthful Life Update

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I made a promise to myself when beginning this whole blogging thing that I would always be transparent. If I’m doing a sponsored post (which I haven’t yet) I want you to know. If I … Read More