My Healthier Coffee Orders

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Like many of you I’m sure, I really enjoy my coffee occasionally. I don’t drink it everyday and it’s not that serious for me (although I totally get those of you who need your daily … Read More

We’re Moving!!! (Again!)

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As some of you may already know, we’re moving back to Utah! Woo! Naz and I are SO excited about our upcoming adventure!!! He will be back with the Utah organization for another season, and … Read More

Home Sweet Home

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It feels so good to be back home in Iowa. I think everyone can relate to the comfort of being in your hometown, but Iowa is really something special. Especially when you bop around as … Read More

My Daily Skincare Routine

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I struggled with acne and scarring growing up, so finding a skincare routine that worked for me was such a relief. It took a few years of going to the dermatologist and trying endless different … Read More

I Got A Jeep!

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I’m officially a Jeep owner!!!!! I am so so so SO excited you guys! For graduation, my parents got me a new car! Obviously, I haven’t been able to pick it out yet with all … Read More

A Bit About Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there! Especially mine. She’s really the most incredible woman in the world. I know just about everyone thinks that about their own mom but mine is really … Read More

Hello Dallas

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DALLAS IT IS!!! It’s official!!!! We’re in Dallas for the summer! Woo! I am SO excited for this next adventure in our journey. Neither of us have ever lived anywhere this hot, so I think … Read More

I Moved To Utah!

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Holy smokes, I moved to Utah! Moving day was such a whirlwind. So many emotions and so many moving parts. My mom, dad, and sister were all able to drive with me to the airport … Read More

A Truthful Life Update

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I made a promise to myself when beginning this whole blogging thing that I would always be transparent. If I’m doing a sponsored post (which I haven’t yet) I want you to know. If I … Read More