My First NBA Game: What I Wore + My Experience


I haven’t watched it, but it’s crazy to me to think that there is a reality TV show about people in the same shoes as me.

Although, I guess there is a reality TV show for just about everything these days.

Sometimes I forget that Naz and I are in the position we are in, because we are such regular people.

I think a lot of people idolize professional athletes so much that they sometimes lose the concept of humanism.

Not that this is the case for us necessarily, but just generally speaking.

Which is so bizarre to me, because they’re all really just regular people.

Yes, Naz can throw a ball through a hoop pretty well, but he still wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work, watches TV, and goes to bed like almost every other person in the world.

Anyways…enough about him already! Today, I’m telling you how it’s going on my side of all of this.

To be quite honest, this whole process is a bit scary for me.

Falling into this “WAGS“ category is a strange concept. The stereotypes are strong and not necessarily always positive or flattering.

I know what people say about girls that are dating athletes.

We all know.

I used to say it too. I won’t lie to you.

Until I understood what it’s really like to be in such position.

There’s a lot of pressure, let me tell ya. People will say a lot of things with no mercy and absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the situation.

I’d give you specific examples but it’s just simply not worth anyone’s time lol…just trust me, you’d be surprised at the things you hear.

None of which are true.

Some of those people have probably thought or said things already about this post.

And some of those people saying things are people you know. They just say it when you’re not around and think it’ll never get back to you, but it does. Which makes it even harder, because those people are people you thought were part of your support system.

I guess that’s a good thing to take away though, I’ve quickly found the truth about people’s intentions and who really cares about me.

I don’t say all of that to call shots at anyone by any means, or for anyone’s sympathy. I just want to give you a better understanding of what it can be like sometimes.

That being said, as Naz begins his NBA career, I was scared for what people would say and what kind of people I would meet. Most of those things happened in college so would things get better or worse from here?

Last week, I was in Salt Lake and was able to finally support Naz at a game in the league.

Holy smokes, how exciting!

Other than Naz’s teammates that I’ve met briefly, I know two people and a baby in Utah.

Not knowing people was obviously an expected, but scary aspect of moving away from home; but I figured I could make friends soon enough. Which I’m sure I will do once I’m out there permanently (I’m in shock that that’s only a few weeks away, wow.)

Anyways, I didn’t have anyone to go to the game with.

A woman who works in operations for the Jazz had invited Naz to her house for Christmas, so he wouldn’t have to spend the holiday alone. How sweet, I know!

She has three children, one of which is a daughter that is only a few years younger than me. Naz arranged for us to go to the game together, woo!

Now…what the heck was I supposed to wear?

This is one of those situations where you don’t really know what to expect at all

I was going to watch my boyfriend’s NBA game for the first time with someone I’ve never met before, with the possibility of meeting God knows who…so I decided it was best to go with the comfortable but cute route (per usual lol.) It was a basketball game after all!

Sweater: I got mine from Grey Elephant in Ames – if you’ve never been you have to go! But since they don’t have a website, I have linked it for you here directly from the brand. I’m in a Medium for a more relaxed fit.

Belt | Jeans | Booties

Clutch |

Coat |

The girl that Naz arranged for me to go to the game with picked me up, and we headed to the arena. I was still very nervous about the unknown, but this girl was so sweet and welcoming and informative and everything I wanted and needed in that moment! (We’re friends now and she’s probably reading this so thanks girly! – Let’s refer to her as Jane from here on out.)

Once we got there, I was delighted with how welcoming and friendly Jane’s family was, along with all of the other wives, girlfriends, and family members of Naz’s teammates that I met. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a relief it was.

Not a single person I met even came close to fitting the stereotypes I was nervous about.

The entire organization has a very family oriented atmosphere it seems to me. There is a family lounge in the arena with playrooms for the kids, food, drinks, a TV with the game on, and so many friendly faces!

Naz and I are both very family focused people and this couldn’t be a better fit for us. I am so grateful to have had such a welcoming experience. I could not be more excited for this adventure, especially now that I know more about what to expect!

There are many unknowns that come with this whole experience, so this was quite comforting for me.

As you can probably tell, not everything is always sunshines and rainbows in this whole process! Or in any process really for that matter lol. But things are looking great, and this is only the beginning so I’m sure there will be much more where this came from!

And on that note…time to go pack for Hawaii! WOO!! Next week I’ll be blogging from the beach, so look forward to some exciting posts coming up soon!

Until then,



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  1. Hey there !!!!! It’s Tara from Grey Elephant! Thanks a million for the shoutout♡ you look adorable!

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  2. Love the post Ashley and look forward to your Hawaii post. Have a great time with your family. Enjoy the awesome weather. Beats this ice, snow, and frigid cold temps.

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