Loup Fidele

Loup Fidele is a luxury clothing line that wanted a sleek, edgy logo for their apparel designs and website construction.


Freebird is a rooftop beer garden that serves southern style food and drinks in White Plains, NY.

Mike Terry

Mike Terry is a member of The Jukebox Romantics, a punk rock band from downstate New York. He has created some music of his own, but most of his work is in collaboration with his other band members. He wanted a personal logo designed after his signature for his personal pieces.


Mistura is a classy restaurant that serves fine peruvian cuisine in the heart of White Plains, NY.

Made in Westchester

Made in Westchester is a community for young adults to post about fun events and activities happening around the Westchester, NY area.

Gerald Saladyga

Gerald Saladyga is an award winning fantasy landscape artist from Connecticut. His intentions are to depict landscape pieces in a way that display the ever changing environments and challenges they face.

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