4 Things Naz and I Do That Drive Each Other Nuts

4 Things Naz And I Do That Drive Each Other Nuts

In honor of our two year anniversary coming up this weekend, I though it would be fun if Naz and I created a list of things that drive us nuts about one another rather than just sharing all of our lovey dovey stuff with you guys!

Thankfully, this was difficult to do and took us a while to come up with 4 things each, but we did have a good time putting this together! I’m also thankful that we could create a list 50 times as long of things we Love about one another. But this is a little more entertaining lol.

Okay here goes!

Things I do that annoy Naz:

1. Don’t make the bed

Naz is so anal about making the bed every morning and usually whoever gets up last makes the bed. He makes it as soon as his feet touch the floor and I don’t always, which drives hims nuts! Haha I’m working on it guys!

2. Leave my wet towel on the floor

I actually hate when I do this too lol. As soon as I see it on the floor I’m like DANG IT! I don’t even know why or how this happens but it does sometimes, I’m definitely guilty haha.

3. When I take forever to get ready

What can I say, I’m a girl it happens. I try so hard to get ready quickly but sometimes it just takes a while, sorry babe!

4. I ask a million questions that he doesn’t know the answer to

This might sound silly but with the life we live there are a TON of unknowns most of the time. I am terribly guilty of firing questions at Naz when he doesn’t have any answers. I’m working on it alright people!

Things Naz does that annoy me:

1. Squeezes the toothpaste in his fist

It just makes sense to me to squeeze it flat! That way you can actually get almost all of it out, ya know?

2. When I think I got ready fast and he still teases me for taking a long time

Typically when this happens he’s right lol. I try so hard to get ready quickly and then he’s like no that was still long haha.

3. Leaves the hair in the sink after he shaves

He doesn’t always do this, but when he does its a bit of a shock because his hair is dark and I’m obviously not expecting to see a bunch of tiny hairs in the sink when I’m about to brush my teeth!

4. He sleeps so well on planes

Alright this is just selfish lol but Naz will fall asleep on planes before we even get to the runway, and he will sleep until we touch down upon arrival. I’m lucky if I can cat nap on the flight for more than 15 minutes. When he sleeps I get bored because there’s nobody to talk to!

Thankfully the things we have to tease each other about are light hearted and nothing too serious! Haha we definitely Love to give each other a hard time, we both get a kick out of it lol.

What are some things you and your significant other do that drive each other nuts?



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  1. So enjoyed this read, it was so entertaining. So, Ashley make the bed and pick up your wet towel and Naz squeeze the toothpaste tube right and rinse your hairs down the drain. Things that drive me nuts about Ray?? Do you have all day? Just kidding. Well, he bites his nails, farts in bed and then covers my head up with the sheet and then he tried to do laundry ONCE and ONCE only while I was at work. ….. and he washed all my dry clean only clothes and when I saw them, well the clothes would have fit a 5 year old. Soooooooooo, I went shopping and shopped till I literally dropped. Anyway, we’ve been married for 37 years and he’s a keeper no matter what. Take care you two sweeties and love to Calli girl too.


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      Hahaha omg that is hilarious!!! Just last week Naz tried to do laundry and put all of the colors and whites in one load…😳 Thankfully everything came out okay but I wouldn’t have minded a shopping spree! Lol Thats so sweet though, how adorable! I think Naz is a keeper too no matter how many times I find his hairs in the sink lol You two take care as well! And Calli is great too and appreciates all the Love!

  2. Matt hasn’t cleaned the bathroom since we moved in… I do it every single time. 🙃And I leave dishes in the living room and leave clothes in the dryer and don’t take them out until Matt finds them 😜

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  3. I’m moving in with Dylan in a couple of months so I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with just a couple 😉😂 I do get annoyed when he tells me he’s ready for me to come pick him up from wherever he is and I text him here…. and he doesn’t come out for about 10 more minutes 😂 He’s working on it❤️

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  4. I’m LOVING the email notifications! Thank you so much for that! Another great blog post AP! Sending my love to you and your trio ❤️

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  5. This is so funny. I actually picture all of this with the two of you. Funny enough , I ask a billion questions and everyone is always getting annoyed with me I have questions, I need to know thinha lol .
    Keep them coming Ashley. I’m loving this
    Love you guys ♥️

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